Top 4 Pinterest Ideas For Web 3 Enthusiasts

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Top 4 Pinterest Ideas For Web 3 Enthusiasts

Artworks never were seen as a part of technology, but you can find modern-day science influencing art daily. You can see it on social media sites – Like Pinterest! So, how about we give a head start to our journey with powerful Pinterest ideas?

So, in this blog, we will leverage web 3 concepts like metaverse and NFT marketing in real-time. 

But first, let us all get a quick brief about – What NFTs are and how they are gaming the marketing domain?

Introduction To NFT

The growth of NFTs is accelerating. More and more consumers, brands, artists, creators, and purchasers are interacting with this new technology.

The NFT, or non-fungible token, is a piece of digital information. It validates a digital asset’s uniqueness on a digital ledger known as ‘blockchain’. 

In easy words, a blockchain is a system that keeps track of all transactions conducted via cryptocurrency.

And NFT is a digital asset that is exclusive to its owner. That is why NFT is secure, irreplaceable, and interchangeable with another identical thing.

Therefore, Pinterest ideas for NFT marketing hold greater value than any other assets. So, let us move on and explore them right away!

Pinterest Bedroom Ideas For NFT Artworks


House interior decor is one of the most popular niches of all time. Compiling it with NFT makes it just as unique as you want it to be. 

Pinterest is not an NFT creator platform, but it can become one of the best trading platforms.  

The roar of meta space is soaring high. New homeowners are looking forward to Pinterest bedroom ideas. However, it is an uncommon ideology for people wanting a bedroom under AR VR or metaverse space. 

But, the question is? How come someone will invest in a bedroom under metaverse? We, as physical beings, love our real artifacts and comforts. Yet, the VR promoters assume people will abandon reality for the sake of an immersive digital experience. 

Well! The theories change with a change in perception of looking into things.

We can say those metaverse realities are just the tip of the iceberg! Technology folks believe it can grow into an immersive combination of virtual and physical realities. 

That is a big leap! Pinterest ideas like these are going to be a hot topic for the discussions, big time!

Moving on, let us explore Pinterest nail ideas in the coming topic.

Holographic Pinterest Nail Ideas 

In NFT times, beauty is another hot domain to explore new & unique art security systems. One of those ways is nail art on Pinterest. But, NFT can be confusing, especially to the most tangible industries like beauty. 

Audiences are being back and forth as beauty is most valued when applied. But does it lose its purpose when it is no longer be applied? 

Well! That is something the audience needs to figure out for themselves.

Fast forwarding to this moment, nail art is a widespread genre in the beauty market. Therefore, one of the most eligible Pinterest ideas you can explore! 

Holographic nail arts are offering people a channel to express their love for web 3 in beauty. 

Today, Pinterest ideas on metaverse nail arts like these are gaining popularity. The brands are dipping their toes into this industry – and now they are diving into it!

As per the web – “Holographic nail color comes from regular nail polish, with the addition of a special pigment. That pigment is made up of microscopic reflective particles, that gives it that trademark sheen”.

Exploring multiple realms of the metaverse world is an abstract ideology. Yet it is the most tangible part of our lives nowadays.

Well! What is a better way to generate Pinterest ideas than delving into something so abstract yet physical?

Pinterest Drawing Ideas


Pinterest drawing ideas are a pretty broad concept. Such a broadness avails itself to the most favorable option for NFT marketing.  

From a crypto enthusiast standpoint, using art as Pinterest ideas for NFT tradings can excite the customers. This trend can play a key role in escalating your brand identity to millions. 

As an NFT artist, you would be interested in creating these digital arts & showcasing them. All in all, Pinterest serves as an optimum platform to get leveraged for NFT tradings. You only have to get your marketing goals straight, and leave the rest to Socinator.

Yes, Socinator – your own SMM intelligence software. Socinator is a social media scheduling and automation tool that comes with an integration of nine social platforms, including Pinterest. 

Here you can automate each interaction with your fans on social media. Also, you can switch back and forth on different accounts & platforms. Well! The best thing about Socinator is that it allows conducting automation at a natural pace.

If you are a metaverse enthusiast and want to explore the power of Pinterest marketing, then Socinator is your platform to do so. So bring on more exciting Pinterest ideas and make NFTs out of it.

Ideas For Meta-Travel On Pinterest

The travel industry has been experiencing lots of changes ever since the boom in metaverse and VR realities. Metaverse tourism has revolutionized the sector of tourism and technology at the same time. 

Marketing folks can leverage the inspiration of metaverse travel and generate Pinterest ideas. 

Well! Metaverse travel seems to be a long shot because we cannot completely replace the human senses and interactions. Honestly, there is no substitute for feeling the droplets of rain falling into your palms, the gush of the air on a windy day, the warmth of the sun caressing your cheeks, and sharing laughs – how would you replace that?

However, you have no choice but to embrace the change with the regular expansion of the digital world. 

How To Clear Ideas For You On Pinterest?

Pinterest lets people pin pictures and create boards for other content. In a way, Pinterest gravitates people to explore more on the platform through a feature called “Picked Up For You Pins”. 

The first window that opens while logging into Pinterest – “Picked Up For You Pins” or “Boards For You”. Sometimes, getting the same Pinterest ideas and recommendations again does not seem convenient. And that is why Pinterest allows you to clear suggestions on the platform.

You are required to follow the steps given below to attain desired results.

Step 1: Log in to your Pinterest account.

Step 2: Click on the profile icon at the topmost right of the window.

Step 3: Click on ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Now scroll down to “Privacy & Security”.

Step 5: From here, go to “Edit Settings”.

Step 6: Now uncheck “Pin Ideas I Saved”.

Step 7: At last, click on “Save Changes”.


Web 3 and metaverse concepts are becoming more applicable to our daily lives. However, one of the major reasons for the boost of these concepts is social media. 

Out of all platforms, Pinterest brings out the most promising future towards implementing web 3 technologies. So, what are you waiting for? Start trading NFT artworks on Pinterest and explore the concept if you haven’t already. 

However, we invite you to drop comments if you are already deep into the concept.

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