How To Use Instagram Tagging To Get More Exposure?

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How To Use Instagram Tagging To Get More Exposure?

Don’t you want more people to check your posts on Instagram? If you use Instagram tagging, it can help you to drive more engagement to your posts. And this may also result in getting you more followers on Instagram.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to use tags on Instagram posts so that it could drive more views and likes. There are many things about Instagram tags that many of you may not know. It can be used to tag locations, or products or you can also use it to @mention accounts. And it may also help you to improve your Instagram presence and business as a whole.

Here you will learn about the different ways of using tags and how to use it to gain maximum visibility for your Instagram posts.

What Is Instagram Tagging?

To put it simply, in the process of identifying other people’s Instagram accounts or brands, you can share the location and other information about the services or products of the brand through your Instagram posts.

Here are several ways to use Instagram tagging:

Tagging Vs @Mention on Instagram

To get the attention of viewers on your Instagram account, you have two different approaches to take. Either you can @mention in caption/comment, or you can tag that account in the post, video, or comment.

tag-on-InstagramThe brand or business account that you have tagged in your post will get a notification, and after the approval, your post will show up in the account’s tagged content tab. Moreover, this might also help you to increase your reach with a wider audience. And it would also be easier for other people to find the photo on which they are tagged on Instagram. They just need to navigate to your Instagram profile and tap on the person icon to check the post on which they are tagged.

On the other hand, you can also @mention in the post comment or caption instead of tagging. If you are sharing someone else’s content or user-generated content, you must give them credit by @mentioning their username.

Although tagging and @mention seem quite similar, however, the basic difference between them is that @mention shows up in regular notification feeds, which can easily get lost with other notifications. But when you tag an account on your post, it shows up in separate notification than regular ones. That is the reason why tags allow you to stand out against the other notifications so that your content could get better visibility on Instagram.

How To Tag Strategically On Instagram?

Have you been randomly tagging other people’s accounts or brands on Instagram? If yes, then you should stop! It would make you seem spammy, and your account may get muted or blocked on Instagram. Instead of tagging accounts, you can also tag products or locations on your post. While you should try to keep things more relevant to the users. And by strategically arranging the tags on your posted content, you can achieve better visibility without being spammy on Instagram.

In a single post, you can tag up to 20 Instagram accounts. But make sure to tag relevant things which could be appreciated by your audience. And it would help you to gain better audience engagement on your posts.

Add A Tag To Instagram Feed Post

When you upload a photo or video content, start with a new post, then you can see the caption screen, just and below that, you have the option to tag other people’s accounts. After adding the usernames of the people, you can tap on the share button.

instagram-taggingIf you want to tag someone on your published content, go to that post, click on the 3 dot menu option, and tap on the edit button. There on the bottom-right side of the photo, you have the option to tag more people. Tap on the photo, and search for the accounts which you want to tag on the post, and then click on the check button on the top of your screen.

Remove Tags From Instagram Post

Now that you know how to tag someone on your Instagram post. But what if someone has tagged your account on their post, and you want to remove that. Don’t worry! To remove your account tag, go to that Instagram post and tap on the 3 dot menu option. The pop-up will open with a few options there, select the Hide Options….

In the last step, you need to click on the Remove me from post option. And this is how you can remove your account tag from someone’s else posted content.

Add Location Tag On Instagram Post

Another way to catch the attention of viewers is by adding location tags to your post. When you add a post on Instagram, just below that tag people option, you have the option to add location.  Tap on that, and on the next page, you can search for the location which you want to tag on your post. After the selection of the location, click on the share button to publish that content.

Once the content gets published, you could be able to see the location on the top of your post, just below the username. The locations are actually clickable, and people can tap on that to navigate to search for the location tagged on Instagram posts.

Add Product Tags On Instagram Post

If you have already set up a store with an Instagram shopping feature, then you can also add product tags to your posts. Those posts which have product tags on them will have the bag icon at the bottom. It means that the products shown in the photo are shoppable for the viewers. By tapping on the photo, people can get information about that particular product and can also navigate to the website to complete the purchase.

instagram-product-tagsPro Tip: To achieve better results through Instagram, you can combine all the tags in your strategy. That way, you could be able to bring more exposure to your content. However, it would be quite tough for you to manage all the things by yourself. In such a case, you can utilize social media automation software for pro users like Socinator.

Socinator is an all in one solution to schedule your activities on all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. It has some unique dashboard features which gets you the maximum control to analyze and improve your marketing performance on all social media platforms.

Final Words: Set Up Your Instagram Tagging Strategy

Now, Instagram is getting more crowded. And the competition to stand out between the popular influencers and brands is getting tougher and tougher. In such a case, Instagram tagging can be used to catch the attention of viewers so that you can get more exposure for posts on Instagram.

Have you been ready to use tags on Instagram to get more exposure for your brand and make more profit? If yes, then this blog can be useful to you.

If you like this article, please share it with others as well. For any queries, you can write in the comments section given below.

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