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Instagram Scheduling Tools Available With Socinator

Instagram has really become a hot topic for marketers because of its eCommerce and marketing features. From what we see, more creators and advertisers are showing their interest in these new features of Instagram, which allows them to make more money. After all, considering the audience engagement on Instagram, it sure beats all the other social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. And if you also want to leverage out more from Instagram marketing like a professional, you must invest in Instagram scheduling tools.

There are numerous software applications out there in the market offering automated publishing services. Socinator also provides an all-in-one social media automation solution that allows you to schedule your social media activities ahead of time. Based on the user’s requirement, Sociantor provides the best resources and support that allows them to get more time exploring creative and engaging content on Instagram.

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So if you are interested in knowing how to use Socinator as an Instagram scheduling tool, here you will get to know that.

How Instagram Scheduling Works?

Basically, Instagram scheduling tools allow you to set your posts in auto-publish mode, where you can set the right date and time to make it live. Based on the time when you have the most audience engagement, you can better target to gain better reach with the audience.

But the problem is, the regulations on Instagram API have become way stricter than before. Instagram wants its users to publish their images natively through their own application. And that is because they do not want to compromise the quality aspect of the content that may deteriorate while using any other application than Instagram API.

Instagram Scheduling Tools

However, if you are comfortable sharing your Instagram ID and login details on some applications, there are platforms that allow you to publish your content automatically on Instagram. Though you may also heard about the risk of using automation that your account can get permanently banned on Instagram.

Don’t worry? There are some tools that are safe to use, and you can easily use them to schedule your posts on Insta.

Here are the reasons why you should schedule your posts on Instagram.

Reasons For Scheduling Instagram Posts

Most Instagrammers would like to use a scheduler so that they would have more time to invest in creating more engaging posts. Of course, there are many other reasons why you should also be considering Instagram scheduling tools.

Saves Your Time-

With Instagram scheduling tools by your side, you have the option to auto-post your content ahead of time. If you compare it to real-time posting, which takes a lot of time to plan, create and post on Instagram. Instead of publishing your content one by one, you can just set them in an auto-post mode at a time when more of your audiences are active on Insta.

Post From Your Desktop-

A professional creator would like to create and edit their content before posting for real. Many photographers and expert creators use a lot of time to edit their stuff before making it live on social media platforms. Nowadays, many Instagram creators also follow the same trend. Instead of instant clicking and posting pictures now, they take time to enhance the quality of their posts.


Thanks to tools like Socinator, which allows you to publish content on social media platforms using a single dashboard. Socinator is automation software that allows you to automate most of your social media activities ahead of time.

Take Your Time Away From Phone-

Nowadays, most creators and influencers are quite active not only on Instagram but on other social media platforms as well. They try to publish their content and get exposure on each and every social network. That is the reason why they spend most of their time checking social media every few seconds. And that’s not only the case for creators, even most normal social media users are stuck with their mobile devices checking posts on social media channels all the time.

But thanks to automation solutions out there, now you don’t need to invest so much time on your phone managing social media. In fact, you can use Socinator to automate most of your activities on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

Organize Your Theme With Cohesive Aesthetic-

One of the reasons you should be using an Instagram scheduling tool is that it allows you to create a cohesive aesthetic look for your Instagram profile.

With editing and a bit of creativity, you can create an amazing-looking profile feed on Instagram. However, if you are not consistent enough, people may get bored out of viewing older posts. Being consistent with posting is not a leisure task for most creators, as it is not easy to get engaging content ideas each and every time.

Scheduling helps you to plan and organize your posts in such a way so that it would attract more and more viewers to your profile.


Get Better Audience Engagement-

As we talk about consistency of posting on Instagram, it definitely helps to attract more views and engagement. If your content gets live on a regular basis, your audience may also expect from you. And it would eventually help you to gain more views, likes, and followers on Instagram. Thanks to the Instagram algorithm, it shows the posts which are more relevant and consistent on Instagram. That is the key to getting your posts shown at the top of Insta- news feed results.

Post At Right Time-

On Instagram, you have the option to check the exact time when you get more engagement and views on your post. Keeping that in mind, you can publish your content right on time when you get the most views on your post. And it would eventually help you gain more views, engagement, and followers. In fact, many creators are using a similar strategy to enhance engagement on their Instagram posts, while they also use scheduling software to pick the right time when their audiences are active on Insta.

How to use Socinator To Schedule posts on Instagram?

Socinator Is The “All-in-one” social media management software thatEasily manages your multiple Instagram accounts, schedules unlimited posts, automates likes, comments, messages and that using a single dashboard.

  • When you open the Socinator dashboard, there on the right side you have the option SocioPublisher.


  • After opening SocioPublisher, there you can create a new campaign, by clicking on create campaign option.


  • Now, there you have to upload your content, add your captions and hastags.
  • Under the settings option, you can select Instagram, check on the box whether you want to create a feed post or story post, add Geo location, tag people and save it.

Instagram campaign

  • Below that you also have the option to make multiple posts at a time with similar settings. You just need to select ‘create a single post’ or ‘create multiple post’.
  • After saving the settings, go to the Post Configuration, select the days, date and time to publish your content and now you are ready to schedule your posts on Instagram.

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Wrapping words

Instagram scheduling tools can be a great help for the creators and influencers who want to be regular with their posting activities so that more people would engage on their posts. However, picking up the  right Instagram scheduling tool has been a long time question for many creators. There are many resources out there in the market, but you should opt only for the reliable one like Socinator!

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