How To Block Someone Who Has Blocked You On Instagram?

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How To Block Someone Who Has Blocked You On Instagram?

Has anyone blocked you on Instagram? Then you won’t be able to check their profile, posts, and stories. Moreover, they can still view your published content.

In case when someone has blocked you on Instagram, and you want to prevent them from seeing your posts. Then you’ll have to block that person on Instagram. But the worse thing is that you won’t be able to find such people since you can’t be able to view their profile. And without accessing their profile, you can’t block that person.

Still, thinking about how to block someone who blocked you on Instagram?

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Although this seems to be a difficult task still, it’s not impossible to achieve. Here I’m showing you a few ways to find someone who blocked you on Instagram.

how-to-block-someone-who-blocked-you-on-InstagramThings To Notice When Someone Blocks You On Instagram:

  • The very first thing you can notice is that the number of your followers would decrease.
  • You won’t be able to view the published content from those who blocked you on Instagram.
  • Try to search for their username of the people whom you suspect of blocking you. If you don’t find them, then there is a good chance that they have blocked you on Instagram. 
  • Go to their profile and check whether their posts are visible to you or not. If it isn’t visible, then you have been blocked by that profile owner.
  • If you aren’t able to find their profile, you can still see their comments on the public. From there, you can reach their profile page.
  • To be more specific, you can try to follow their profile. In case you aren’t able to follow that person while it shows “User not found,” it means that person has blocked your Instagram account.
  • Check whether you can send DM to them or not.

Have you ever tried to learn about those who blocked you on Instagram? While you can use the above-shown ways, to find out that person. However, even if you know the person who blocked you, but you can’t reach their profile. In such a case, it could be a bit more challenging to block that person.

How To Block Some One On Instagram?

In case you want to block someone, go to their profile page. If you can view his posted content, then you can be sure that he hasn’t blocked your account. 

To block that person, click on the three dots menu. Select the option “Block user,” and that person will be blocked.


Now that person can’t be able to reach you on Instagram, although he might check your comments on the older post. You can also delete your comments. That way, he won’t be able to find who has blocked his Instagram account.

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How To Block Someone Who Blocked You On Instagram?

Either way, to block someone on Instagram, you need to reach their profile first. Suppose you aren’t seeing someone’s post in your feed. You might suspect that they have blocked your account. Then you should try to reach their profile. But there is also a chance that they might have changed their username. In such a case, it would be difficult for you to find them on Instagram.

Are you facing a similar scenario? Here you have the solution.

  • Try to look for the username of the person who blocked you on Instagram. In case you aren’t getting their names in your suggestions, you should look for the older post which has comments from that person. Click on the username of that person. It will take you to their profile page. Now, you just need to click on the three-dot menu. There, you will get the option to block that account.

  • However, if you aren’t able to find their comments, you can search for the past conversation in Direct Messages. Even after getting blocked by someone, their messages threads remain in their Instagram Direct inbox. But you won’t receive any new messages from them. When you click on their DM, you will find an exclamation mark on the top right corner. Tap on that. You will get the block option.

Socinator To Block Instagram Accounts

After being block, you don’t want that person to see your posted content. Right? In that case, you can just block that person’s Instagram account from your list. For doing so, you can use the best Instagram automation tool- i.e., Socinator that can make this task much easier for you.


Suppose one of your followers hasn’t been engaging with your posted content and has blocked your account. It would be too much of a task to find that person and block his account. In that case, you can use Socinator automation in which you have a filtration option to target those users who don’t engage with your content.


You can set the filter option to find those who aren’t interacting with your recent posts on Instagram. It would automatically find the people who haven’t commented on your posts (Blocked users can’t comment on each other). You can crosscheck by reviewing their profile on Instagram, and after getting fully confirmed, you can block such users.

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Over To You:

When someone blocks your account, you can also block them back. However, it would be a bit troublesome task to find those users. In case you don’t want such users to see your published content, you can follow the methods to block them all.

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