08 Spine-Chilling Ideas For This Halloween

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08 Spine-Chilling Ideas For This Halloween

Fall is here and, Halloween is right around the corner! Halloween is a unique holiday celebrated by people of all ages all around the world. As a result, it’s a popular event among marketers. It’s simple enough to join in the excitement with just a few Halloween social media engagement posts ideas. While you’re at it, gain some engagement and brand recognition.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking some spooky Halloween content ideas! Go ahead and read eight Halloween ideas for new marketing strategies that will send chills down your follower’s spine.

Offer A Seasonal Discount

 social media engagement posts

It’s Halloween, which means your consumers (both current and potential) could expect exceptional deals. It may include an all-out sale, a small discount on the next purchase, or a holiday-themed freebie with every purchase above a specific amount. You may use social media to increase participation in your offerings, just like any other holiday promotion. Try a Facebook giveaway or Twitter polls with a Halloween theme. Holiday-related questions, or provide content to all participants along the route. Once you pick the winners, make sure to send them their unique promotional codes and presents.

Running competitions in return for freebies may seem like old-school Halloween marketing ideas,- but with the assistance of social media, it can be brought into the 21st century and utilized to increase brand recognition. The challenge urged social media users to utilize the short video platform to make Halloween postings that showed theirs before and after Halloween costume transformations. What’s the hook? The top five submissions with the most likes will get prizes.

Isn’t that scarily clever idea for Halloween posts! 

Halloween Themed Products

Why not attempt a theme-based product or a limited-time offer? Customers are always more into themed objects, which they eagerly purchase to utilize at their parties or events. With Halloween-themed items, you can get your clients in the mood for the holiday season. When you see the products coming back in stock with festive themes, it’s fascinating. And with Halloween, it becomes more fun. The spookish and fun objects, decorated in orange and black and feature spooky cobwebs, bats, and pumpkins, give off a festive spiritual atmosphere.

Host a photo contest or a giveaway

 social media engagement posts

Facebook Photo Competition:

Allow people to post images of their costumes in exchange for the chance to win a prize from your company or brand. As mentioned above, you can reward the outfit with the most likes, those who comment or like any posts will appear in the feeds, resulting in increased exposure. Videos are also a possibility, as Facebook’s algorithm favors them strongly (to the tune of 4 billion daily total video views.)

Twitter Halloween Pumpkin Competition:

For a chance to win a reward, ask followers to tweet a photo of their carved pumpkin. Ask them to hashtag you, and the most retweeted pumpkin-carving photo might win. It will raise brand awareness and encourage others to talk about it.

Instagram Video Scare Contest:

Instagram users may enter a contest by posting a 15-second video of the best fright and using the hashtag #yourcompany. Your brand’s account would showcase the video with the biggest fear, and the winner would receive a reward. It will generate interest and aid in the acquisition of followers.

Contests not only boost engagement and attract new followers, but they also demonstrate that your company is festive. Include some engaging rewards (something your followers might enjoy- or anything from your inventory) as well as future purchasing discounts for all participants, and everyone comes out on top! Do you want to increase engagement even more? To assist you in selecting a winner, invite other followers to vote on their best contributions.

To maintain interest throughout the event, design unique campaign Halloween hashtags and provide exciting prizes throughout the competition, with the grand prize being announced the morning after Halloween.

Decorate for the Holiday

For other social media engagement posts, you can modify your website, logo, social avatars, or even your product packaging or delivery materials to add a little spookiness to your marketing. It will merely take any time, a little graphic design, and a little creativity, but it can have a tremendous impact on your marketing efforts.

Consider using Halloween-themed bubble mailers instead of plain white ones. If that’s beyond your price range, a simple, creepy “Thank You” sticker on the packaging would suffice! For the whole month of October, do something as basic as changing the title and header typefaces to a frightening (but legible) Halloween font.

Consider adopting dark mode with flashes of purple or lime green for clicked links or contrasting typography if the color of your website is generally black and white. Website sliders are an extraordinary way to show off Halloween-themed offers!

Have your employees’ profile photos “zombified” for October if your firm is service-based or B2B. Fun! Share a photo of your team dressed up.

Celebrate in Style 

 social media engagement posts

Take a picture of yourself or the entire office dressed up! Even for larger corporate or B2B firms, it makes for basic yet powerful social media content. Tag the featured users if they agree- so you may make use of their networks. People enjoy interacting with genuine individuals and want to learn more about the people behind their favorite brands. Share the lighter side of your business, and your followers will feel more intimately linked to your brand since they will have a greater understanding of who you are. It’s a win-win situation since it’s entertaining for both your squad and your audience.

Use The Right Keywords

When you are attempting to come up with ideas for Halloween social media posts, doing some keyword research is a clever idea to start with. It will assist you in determining what your target audience wants to see and what kind of posts you can write that will be both informative and interesting to them. Using an online keyword research tool can assist you in determining what theme your articles should focus on and what people are looking for.

At this time of year, searches for Halloween costumes and Halloween-themed activities are common. People may also be seeking Halloween or fall-themed movies or recipes. Once you’ve figured out what people seek on the internet, you can start writing blogs that solve their issues and provide value to their lives. 

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Everyone Loves a Spooktacular Contest

In your social media marketing plan, running a Halloween contest works hand in hand with encouraging user-generated content. The idea is to persuade your consumers to not only interact with your social media sites but also to enter your giveaway and share your contest/content so that more customers and people are exposed to your campaign. This type of word-of-mouth marketing, which includes competitions and user-generated material, is unbeatable and inexpensive- and it attracts individuals who enjoy engaging on social media to your page.

Theme your logo or Profile Pic

On this one, the social media jury is still out. Some consumers despise it when companies change their logo based on the season. It does, however, help your brand stand out to those who have become accustomed to seeing it, so it’s a positive method to persuade them to look at your profile more closely.

Creepin It Out

When your social media feeds are flooded with frightful photographs of friends and family on Halloween Day, companies don’t want to feel left out of this opportunity. Halloween Day is all about catching up on the new social media Halloween interactive posts, and marketers have taken advantage of it with Halloween Social Media postings.

This time of year, every business will share their spooky social media engagement posts to wish their customers a Happy Halloween Day, so don’t miss out.

We wish you a Spooktacular Halloween!