Discover how do you effectively repost a post on Instagram?

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how-do-you-repost-a-post-on -Instagram

Discover how do you effectively repost a post on Instagram?

Instagram has been with us since 2010, more than 11 years now. It has become an integral part of our lives because customers can easily click and share their activities on this social media platform, when commenting on those interesting snaps is easy, there is no routine practice to repost other customers’ content in your Instagram profile. Though, if you wish to repost your posts, stories and videos then there are certain alternate solutions available that you can follow to repost on Instagram. A repost on Instagram is a process of posting a picture or video from another customer, on your account, without the individual who initially shared it losing acknowledgment.   

Preferably, you can keep a screenshot of the picture that you want, resize it, edit and filter if you like, and then repost on the Instagram page. But if you like to repost a video, you have to download an application from Google Play Store. Here are some quick processes on how you can easily repost videos and posts on Instagram. 

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How to repost a video on Instagram?  


Step 1 

First, you need to download a repost application for Instagram. For that, you need to type Instarepost or Repost for Instagram, and you can discover it from the specific app store or Google Play Store.  

Step 2 

The application once completed and installed, open your Instagram page and tab on the gallery to search for the particular video. You can even get the video by typing the username in the search bar in a particular folder.  

Step 3 

Once you get the post, click on the three dots icon that you will find in the top right corner.   

Step 4 

The icon will come up with some possibilities choose the “Copy URL” option.  

Step 5  

The repost application that you have installed in your device will automatically identify the URL that you have copied from the site and come up with a query requesting whether you like to repost immediately or keep it for later and find the appropriate possibility.  

Step 6 

If you choose the ‘Repost now ‘ button, it will direct you to the next page showing Repost settings.  

Step 7 

The Repost Settings display some possibilities like- Open editor Section to improve pictures, stickers, copy the description, Edit Author, Remove Watermark, replace logo, etc.  

Step 8 

Once you are ended up making the modifications click on the arrow mark Repost sign at the lowermost centre, the video will view on your New Post window.  

Step 9 

You can rescale it, add filters like the usual Instagram post and then tap next; it will lead you to the ‘Share to’ page.  

Step 10 

It is worth revealing that the repost section doesn’t contain the original post’s quotation, and if you wish to put your caption or any other filters, we would recommend adding the user’s name by typing @username and his/her authorization before creating any changes to the original video and then tab the post button.  

How to repost a Story on Instagram?

There are some possible reasons users wish to post other Instagram Story is that they were tagged in your post, which is also stated to as mentioned posting. When an Instagram user tags as per your username in their Story so, it becomes noticeable to everybody who follows them. Their admirers or any other person can click on your profile and stay in your account if they keep their privacy in public. If you fix your profile on private mode, then only accepted followers can view your account.   

You can see stories only for 24 hours unless the customer chooses to put the Story to their Highlights. In that situation, it will stay on their profiles till they delete it.   

When somebody tags you in their feed, you will get a notice in your Direct Messages. If somebody who you don’t follow tags adding with someone’s username, a notification is shared to your message box. At the moment, there is no other method to permanently delete your username from someone’s feed or stop them from tagging you. If you consider that you need to post the Story you’ve mentioned, follow these guidelines:   

  1. Check your direct notifications by pressing the paper airplane sign at the top right corner of the display.   
  1. Try to open the message notifying you that you’ve mentioned in a newsfeed.   
  1. Click the icon on the message that shows the “Add This to Your Story” section,  
  1. Modify and recheck the Story if you need. You can even put GIFs, stickers, or messages.   
  1. Click on the Next option.   
  1. Schedule your time when you need to post the Story. Your possibilities are your Storyline, your relatives, or direct notification to another profile.   
  1. Click on the Send button.   

First Method-How do you repost a post on Instagram?  

It is a simple process, but if you want to repost a post, you will need help from the exterior part of Instagram.    

You have to download the free application ‘Repost’ for Instagram’ on your tablet. Now you can avail this application on iOS. It is not accessible on Android, but there are so many apps available that permit you to repost on Instagram, for example, Socinator.   

1. Select the post you need to ‘repost’  

To select the post, tab on the post you need and copy the URL.   

You can find this from the address section if you open it from a PC or by pressing the three dots sign at the top right corner, where you will get the post sections.  

2. Open the ‘Repost for Instagram’ application  

The application is too simple to practice. When you have copied the link and opened the Repost page for the Instagram platform, the application will copy the URL automatically.   

3. Try to edit your repost  

When the post you wish to post, tap on it to open the editing page.   

Here you can select how and when to add the waterline of the customer who formerly shared it. It can be added in the topmost or bottommost corners or reformed to black and white. You can even copy the original content from the post and paste it to your Instagram when you wish to post it.  

4. Tap on the ‘Post’ option  

When you have completed the editing part, click on the ‘Share’ option. The application will send it to Instagram to post your report, where you can schedule it to your story or a post on your feed according to your preferred time.  

5. Post your Repost  

Select if you like to post it in your story or your feed. Make sure that you can put a similar context to the previous post if you have been selected to copy it on the repost application. Lastly, tap on the ‘Post’ option based on when you’re wishing to post it.  

The second method to repost on Instagram  

If you are not feeling secure about using an application exterior to Instagram, you can even publish posts on your account by yourself. But it is a time taking procedure. You have to keep a screenshot of the post you like the most and want to repost, crop the unnecessary section of the image based on your need and post it as a new post.  

Keep in mind, when you are doing this don’t forget to mention the original user if you don’t want to face any problem further.  

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I have recommended you some best methods to repost Instagram videos, stories, and posts. Keep in mind that Instagram’s terms need you to request a user authorization to repost their context. If you use exclusive hashtags, competitions, and other methods to get and post super-quality, user-created videos, you’ll be capable to boost your traffic and create interest for your Instagram pleasure.  

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