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Clever Twitter Moments Ideas To Increase Your Followers

Who among us hasn’t been overwhelmed when exploring Twitter for anything – perhaps event news or opinions on some topic? Ten new tweets emerge when you browse through the first 20 tweets on your screen. It never ends. Twitter’s overabundance of content isn’t going away. Every second, twitter followers send about 9,000 tweets, resulting in an average of 58 million tweets each day.

So, how does your brand stand out from the crowd? There are other options, including Promoted Tweets, Pinned Tweets, Twitter advertising, and collaborations with influencers- but we’ll concentrate on Twitter Moments in this piece- which can lead to more Twitter followers.

What exactly are Twitter Moments and how to get followers on Twitter using it?


You may use Twitter Moments to share a tweet, a photo, or a video. More significantly, it allows you to curate tweets in a lengthier format than a single tweet. As a result, Twitter Moments may be a valuable new tool for businesses to use in their marketing plan. You may also use Moments to curate any twitter discussion or live event relevant to your brand.

Twitter Moments also address the issue of curating on Twitter. Sure, users can establish Twitter Lists to select a group of other users who specialize in specific subjects or sectors, but until Moments, there wasn’t much you could do to curate explicit tweets. And, because content curation is becoming as essential as content production, one might argue that Twitter has no choice but to join the curation bandwagon at some time.

Developing a Twitter Moment

When Twitter Moments initially launched in 2015, only a limited group of editorial partners — including BuzzFeed, the New York Times, and others – were permitted to produce Moments.

However, in 2016, the social media platform decided to provide every user the opportunity to create Moments – which is simple to accomplish.

When you select the Moments tab, you will notice a button that says “Create New Moment” on the right-hand side.
When you click it, a page will appear where you can insert the title of your Moment and choose which tweets to add.
You may search for tweets, organize them in various ways, choose ones you’ve recently tweeted, liked, or retweeted, and so on.
Once you’ve added them, choose either “Finish Later” to keep it as a draft or “Publish” to publish it to Twitter right away.

What are the benefits of using Twitter Moments for brands to grow twitter followers?


So, what about brand names? How can companies utilize Twitter Moments to interact with their followers and spread their message more effectively? Can Twitter moments increase Twitter followers?

There are a variety of ways to put Twitter Moments In use.

Cover a live event-

Brands that frequently conduct live or online events understand that Twitter can be an effective method to give timely coverage.

The same is for Twitter Moments. Before your event, you may build a Moment that gathers the best talk about it from both those who are attending and those who want to go. Use your tweets to show images of the event venue being set up, photographs of speakers or famous visitors, sneak peeks at the cuisine – the possibilities are endless.

After your event, you may create a new Moment that features the quality tweets from the event. Make sure you include a lot of information from attendees, not only from your brand or staff accounts. Images and videos, of course, will significantly increase interaction as they will help you get followers on Twitter.

Subtly highlight influencer ties-

Nobody loves a braggart, but a Twitter Moment may undoubtedly highlight your brand’s influencer relationships — as long as you do so in a natural, honest way.

Include a notable influencer tweet about your company in a Moment as one method to do this. Make sure the influencer’s tweet is relevant and on-topic, and don’t go overboard. One or two influential tweets would be enough and will be impactful for your Twitter audience.

Showcase a tweet-storm more effectively-

Tweetstorms is a sequence of linked tweets broadcast in rapid succession that are ideal candidates for a Twitter Moment.

If you have a campaign that includes a tweetstorm, you may expand its reach by not only tweeting but also gathering all of those tweets into a single Twitter Moment.

For example- you can use a Moment to convey the narrative of your brand or to distribute essential information about an event, product, service, or new corporate development.

Repurpose Previous Material-

We are firm believers in getting the most out of the material you provide. After all, it takes a significant amount of time and effort to write quality blog articles, host informative webinars, and make engaging videos. Create a Twitter Moment around the theme of your blog post, webinar, video, or infographic to boost the reach of your material.

There are numerous helpful tools on the market, such as Socinator, that may assist you in completing time-consuming chores.

Socinator is a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching, and mind-blowing tool that will save you time when posting your article and may appear at any time without notice. That is why you should always have someone on hand to assist you, such as a Socinator.

Why not use Socinator to prepare a post with posting posts ahead of time?

Socinator allows you to manage your Twitter accounts from a single, simple, and easy-to-use interface. You may also plan an infinite number of articles and automate every operation.Auto-Schedule posts gather posts to be published and hold them until the requirements for the proper posting time. Your postings, among other things, can be posted at particular times, on specific days, and with a minimum time gap between them.

Socinator is an incredible application that provides you with a plethora of options for publishing on Twitter. You may schedule your Twitter updates to suit your needs and, this is what you need to do if you want to plan a Twitter post with Socinator.

  1. Use your login credentials to access your Socinator dashboard.
  2. Click Sociopublisher on the left side of the screen after tapping on Social in the top-right area of the page.
  3. You will see a Publisher page emerge in front of you. Create a campaign and then a post by clicking Create a post and entering your post description.
  4. Click Add Media to upload the stuff you want to add, and then click Settings to customize each post settings.
  5. A post settings dialogue box will display; select Twitter from the list.
  6. Finally, schedule the postings according to your needs.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to auto-scheduling postings.

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When should a brand create a Twitter Moment?


Twitter Moments for Businesses is a highly beneficial tool that promotes overall branding and improves a brand’s social media presence, and most certainly increases Twitter followers. To get started with moments, we’ve compiled a list of ideas inspired by Twitter’s official blog.

  • Keep up with the newest trends: Relevant industry happenings, worldwide news, and current subjects contribute to the content. It is safe and dependable for newcomers to Twitter Moments for companies.
  • Lighthearted meme round-ups: To engage consumers, brands may create humorous meme stories and creative media content. These are attractive and appealing tweets that are chosen based on the industry.
  • Supporting inspiring tales: Brands may select inspiring stories and tweet them in the form of a Moment. How about collecting tweets about cancer survivors and translating them into Moments for a cancer rehabilitation hospital? It certainly works wonderfully.
  • Promoting exciting news: Did the start-up receive a large amount of funding? Is there a buzz on the internet? To attract users, create a memorable, educational, and celebratory moment about the fundraiser and the individuals behind it to attract users’ free Twitter followers.
  • Following trending hashtags: Themes trending on twitter on its site, which will follow to receive organic material. Relevant trends may give actual discussions, data, and insights that organizations can leverage in Moments.
  • User-generated feedback: Compile all of your company’s accolades from clients, partners, workers, and fans into a Moment. It helps to promote the company in a good light by displaying comments from genuine individuals. It contributes to the brand’s trust and loyalty.
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Ideas for Making Use of Twitter Moments


You’re ready to go now that you know how to make a Moment. There is just one question: HOW SHOULD YOU USE MOMENTS? How can you leverage this often-overlooked Twitter feature to promote your brand? Here are a few suggestions.


Go for it if there is new information, breaking news, a surprising trend, or another aspect of your present industry that you can utilize as a springboard to provide a new perspective. In this situation, A Moment is an excellent publishing tool. Use Moments to collect a sequence of tweets from multiple sources that cover different aspects of the topic. Tweets including links to numerous pieces of news, all gathered in one location, can demonstrate the true breadth of the subject.


A recent occurrence or a wonderful tale might be collected into a Moment and shared to serve as a source of inspiration. Perhaps you’re aware that a local animal shelter just adopted a sad-looking dog, and the new owners are on Twitter. You may make a Moment out of the initial tweets from the adoption process that show the sad puppy before the adoption and about the joyful dog with its new family after the adoption.


Compile the most engaging information, memes, or links you’ve discovered on a specific topic in the previous week, or keep an ongoing and expanding Moment. You may always add content to a previously published Moment to keep it evolving. However, I like to create new Moments since otherwise, others would have to go deep to discover the material you provided.

Promotion of New Products-

If you’re launching a new product or adding new features to an existing one, a Moment may be a helpful tool for gathering information. It’s worth noting that they began with a bespoke cover image. Then include tweets that begin by discussing an issue that individuals are experiencing, followed by a discussion of their remedy.

Using Twitter to Create Magic,

Twitter moments are an excellent way to start a conversation. Because you can select which tweets to include in moments, you can choose which interactions to highlight. Telling tales in this manner may have a good influence on your business and allow you to connect with individuals you have never met before. Creating and using Twitter moments is one of the most basic features that the social media behemoth offers.

You’re only a few steps away from being finished. You may think of them like Twitter’s Instagram highlights. All of the fantastic material you’ve been producing over the previous year, or whatever long, may be compiled into one location for easy viewing. Why wouldn’t you utilize them for your company? After all, it may lead you to increase Twitter followers.