Top 8 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Reach

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Top 8 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Reach

Want to gain better engagement and reach for your Instagram marketing! Building Instagram reach can help you to bring more views, likes, and followers. And ultimately, it would result in creating growth opportunities for your business.

However, it seems that Instagram is getting isolated considering the engagement compared to other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Due to the algorithmic changes on Instagram, people see only some relevant posts in their feed, and most of them are from their friends and family members.

Even if a person comments on a brand’s post on Instagram, there’s only a rare possibility that their friends would be able to find the same post. There is no doubt that organically, it would be quite difficult to improve your business reach on Instagram.

But, wait! Here we have some hacks that might help you to boost Instagram reach for your business.

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Understand Instagram Algorithm-

Instagram has had rapid growth in the recent few years. That is why Instagram has updated its algorithm to suggest posts based on the users’ intent. Most of the creators do not have much understanding of its algorithm. And it is also one of the reasons why their post does not get many views on Instagram.


So first, to enhance the visibility of your posts, you need to understand how Instagram algorithm really works. For a time being, these rules are kept secret, but now Instagram has revealed them to the marketers.

8 Ways To Hack Algorithm & Get Better Reach On Instagram-

Know Your Audience-

The algorithm is based on a machine learning system that auto-updates itself based on the user’s engagement. Based on the type of content users consume on Instagram, it will show the relevant posts on the feed results. If you want to get better visibility for your posts, you should create posts that bring more engagement on your content. For that you need to know your audience well enough and deliver content based on their interest.


Instagram has these insights features, which show you the content consumed by the audience and how their response was. Accordingly, you can create lucrative posts for your target audience that they simply can’t miss out on.

Curate User Generated Content-

One of the best ways to engage with audiences is by sharing user-generated content. You just need to curate some lucrative Instagram posts generated by your users and share them. That way, you can encourage them to build relationships with your brand. As you know, the Instagram algorithm also considers users’ relationships while ranking feed posts.

Note: While reposting user-generated content on Instagram, make sure to tag them or mention them in your posts. That would make it easier for them to know that you are sharing their posts. And they would be encouraged to publish more engaging content  that would be relevant for your audiences.

Ideal Time for Posting-

Another factor to consider is that you need to publish your content in the time zone when most of your audience is active on Instagram. The reason behind that is a post on Instagram can stay on the feed for 24 hours. And after that, it will disappear. If you have an Instagram business profile, you can track the time most suitable for you to post your updates. By publishing your updates on the peak hours, you could enhance the changes to get your post seen by most of your followers. Once you know the ideal time to post, you can rely on the Instagram scheduler to do the rest of the job.

Socinator is an all-in-one social media scheduling solution for online marketers. It allows you to publish your content in an auto-post mode where you can just schedule your content according to the calendar. Besides, it has several other automation features that can help you to improve engagement and gain more followers.

Engagement On Your Posts-

As we can see, Instagram has adopted a Facebook-like algorithm on its platform. And after that, it has become harder to get views and engagement on Instagram. Still, there are many other ways that you can utilize to drive engagement on your posts.

Nowadays, many Instagram marketers make use of contests and giveaways to create awareness about their products. Hosting such contests can help you to grab the attention of viewers. Also, you can use captivating captions and hashtags with your creatives that would help you drive more views on your posts.

Tell Your Instagram Stories-

Instagram stories have become a huge asset for marketers, as it brings you instant engagement on your content. It allows you to stay on the top of your follower’s feed so that you can easily grab their attention. And if your followers do regular check on your stories, it would certainly help your posts to secure a better spot in feed results as well.

Go live On Instagram-

Similar to stories, live videos also show up on top of the feed results. When you go live on Instagram, it will appear at the front of the story feed. From research, it was found that a live broadcast on Instagram could bring more engagement. And nowadays, many brands are using live content to connect and engage with their followers. In fact, this has become a great way for brands to engage with users, and it even helps them to enhance their Instagram reach.

Run Instagram Ads-

If you really want to bring success to your business on Instagram, don’t hesitate to invest in the paid Instagram ads. Just like Facebook, it has advanced targeting options. It allows you to target a specific section of the audience who are ready to invest in your products or services. There  you also have several options with different ad formats:

  • Image ads,
  • Video ads,
  • App download ads,
  • Carousel ads,
  • Instagram story ads.

While creating an ad on Instagram, there you have the option to take reach as your objective. By selecting this objective, you can make your post reach a wider section of target audiences who haven’t seen your posts on Instagram.


Collaborate With Instagram Influencers-

Instagram influencers have a huge number of followers, and with their aid, you can also increase followers in your own profile. Nowadays, you can see that many brands collaborate with Instagram celebrities to promote their products. And it really helps them to gain more audience and even bring on some sales at the end. So collaborating with influencers can be your secret weapon for Instagram marketing, as it may help you with-

  • Getting better reach
  • Business exposure
  • Authentication for your products and services
  • Grab on sales opportunities
  • Create brand awareness etc.

All the best!

It seems that Instagram is trying to make its platform more engaging for users and make them happy. However, it is literally snatching the organic reach out of this platform. But still, there are above-shown tricks on your sleeves that can help you to get better Instagram reach and engagement.

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