Best Instagram Automation – Tools and Techniques

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Best Instagram Automation – Tools and Techniques

For every business, whether it’s a small local brand or big international corporation, being on social media is no longer a want but a need. The impressive number of people that use online networking as a means to communicate shows that social media platforms are here to stay. With 1 billion users and counting, Instagram is now one of the most popular social networking platforms worldwide. All users should learn about the best Instagram automation techniques if they want to grow their account.

However, managing an Instagram account is not an easy task. It takes quite a lot of effort. Thankfully, there is this thing called Instagram automation that can help with the usual tasks. Instagram automation, for those who don’t know yet, works by using “bots” to automate tasks. They refer to following/unfollowing accounts, liking posts, commenting and replying to comments, sharing posts, and scheduling posts in advance.

In this article, you will find some of the best Instagram automation techniques and tools. You can use them if you want to give your Instagram account a boost.

How to grow your Instagram account organically

best instagram automationHire someone to help you boost your account

If your aim is to keep your online presence as authentic as possible while growing your account, then the best idea would be to hire someone as your virtual assistant. You would get a more qualitative work done than from an Instagram bot. A real person will leave relevant, genuine comments. Moreover, he will like only posts relevant to you or your business.

Implement an Instagram marketing plan

Everyone wants to gain followers overnight. Patience is key if you want to have a genuine, loyal following. Try to build a plan. Slowly grow your Instagram account over several months.

Engage with your fanbase as much as possible

Engagement is essential for those who want more followers on Instagram. Whether you decide to do it yourself or use an automation tool, make sure to engage with your followers via likes, comments and replies to comments they leave on your posts.

Use an Instagram management tool

This kind of tool will help you monitor hashtags, schedule posts, and even get analytics regarding the Instagram activity.

Benefits of Instagram automation

The best Instagram automation benefit is that it saves you time. Thus, help you work more efficiently. Scrolling through Instagram posts to like and comment on photos and videos is a very time-consuming activity.

Secondly, Instagram automation tools allow you to set what functions to perform. Automation bots can comment on your behalf on posts containing a certain hashtag. They can even follow/unfollow accounts followed by your competitors.

But most people decide to look for the best Instagram automation tools and techniques in a bid to boost their follower count. Automation bots follow automatically thousands of accounts. And a part of those will likely follow you back.

Additionally, these tools can run all day long. You are basically going to be on Instagram 24/7 interacting with other users. Though you cannot automate a conversation, Instagram automation tools will create the impression that you engage more with your followers through likes and comments.

Best Instagram automation tools


RiseSocial is an automation tool designed to provide organic growth for Instagram pages. The best thing about it is that it avoids fake followers. It promises to find authentic and active users to bring to your page.  The tool basically engages on your behalf with real people on the social network, trying to drive them to your account.


This is one of the best Instagram automation tools currently available on the market. It helps users configure and manage their accounts to their preference. Users select the settings for the tool. Followadder runs based on your configuration. It’s a trusted and effective service that will automatically like, comment and schedule posts according to your settings.


Socinator is another great automation tool that works not only with Instagram but with most of the social media platforms available today. This includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and more.

Some of its most prominent features for Instagram automation include the ability to like, follow, follow back, repost, comment, and live chat. Additionally, it can block followers, broadcast messages, delete comments and auto-publish and schedules posts on multiple networks at once.

best instagram automationSocial10x

This is another automation tool whose services span across multiple social media platforms. It is a trusted product recommended by high-level marketers. It will bring you real followers, viewers, and likes and will promote your content across all popular social channels.


This is not your usual automation tool, as it doesn’t work like a bot. Combin is basically an Instagram search console with improved features. You can use it to find and target Instagram accounts by searching for hashtags, location, etc. Then you can interact with the most relevant potential customers via real comments.

The tool also lets you schedule likes and comments, find specific commenters or subscribers and even spy on your competition.


One of the most popular Instagram automation services, ViralUpgrade is designed to help users grow their accounts organically. It’s an easy-to-use tool that will pair you with an account manager upon signup. By employing specific targeting techniques, ViralUpgrade will help you find and connect with relevant potential followers based on specific criteria.


Instagram is a true goldmine for influencers and marketers who want to have a steady social presence. Many of these want to build a massive following quickly. Automating at least some of the daily Instagram tasks is very important to them.

By using the best Instagram automation tools and techniques, you make sure that you’ll gain a higher number of followers faster than you can attract on your own. Moreover, the automation services presented above will make your life easy by engaging with your fan base on your behalf.

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