13 Creative Instagram Marketing Ideas That You Need To Learn From Meme Pages

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13 Creative Instagram Marketing Ideas That You Need To Learn From Meme Pages

Instagram marketing- something that was in infancy only about a few years ago, blew up like crazy in recent years. Instagram outshined its impression of being just a social media application for teenagers and is now a HUGE, HUGE marketing hub for online vendors.

But despite all the efforts, a lot of marketers seem dissatisfied with the results of their marketing approach. However, there’s this one niche that has won this battle. We all know what I am talking about; what do you see when you click on the discover section? MEMES!!!

You ever wondered how and why are these memes taking all over your Instagram feed? How does a simple page with some funny images and vines manage to get all those numbers of brands approaching them for endorsements?

While these accounts might look like a compilation of some silly, relatable stuff, they are actually pretty strategic when it comes to their marketing approach- no wonder they get hundreds, if not thousands of followers within a span of a few months.


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Today, we are going to talk about some creative Instagram marketing strategies that you need to learn from these meme pages:


1. Create Shareable Content 



I’ll get straight to this point.

There’s not a speck of doubt that the meme pages know how to make their audience click that airplane icon and share their content with their friends. The reason behind it? Their content is always relatable!

Creating shareable content is one of the most prime skills that every marketer needs to polish to get more organic page visitors. This way, you get more social shares, and getting more social shares increases your profile’s social signals.

Instagram, being a search engine, considers profiles with higher social signals to be more popular among the masses, and such Instagram handles get more visibility in the discover section.


2. Broad Audience Appeal 



Meme pages know how to bring a broader range of audiences into their umbrella by creating more generic and widely appealing content. They excel at turning even the most obscure pictures into a sarcastic material, relatable enough for the typical masses.

The takeaway? They get audiences and profile visitors from all the possible niche! As a result, they get more profile visitors and followers.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to try reaching out to as many people as possible. As a digital marketer, you might as well understand the importance of targeting your posts. But broadening your audience appeal is crucial, especially when you are spreading brand awareness.


3. Updated and Active 



Here’s a thing- you have to be socially active if you’re on social media.

Believe it or not, meme pages are more updated about the world, in general, as compared to the majority of social media influencers. Understand how important it is to be aware and talk about the topics that create a buzz on social media.

When you address a particular situation publically, you invite more audiences to talk about it in the comments section, thus getting more traffic. But make sure that you never create controversies with your statements 😉 


4. Best Utilization of Captions

Captions can drive engagement like crazy when utilized aptly. And nobody can do it better than the meme accounts.

Instagram-marketing-strategiesIt is simple- you don’t need to draft very lengthy text; you just need to hit the right chords with the right words.

Various marketers have stressed on the importance of captions, and everybody seems to ignore it. However, if you genuinely want to succeed in your Instagram marketing campaigns, you cannot afford missing out on them.


5. Regularity in Posts

If you observe thoughtfully, you will notice that almost all the meme pages update at least two posts per day. Why? Well, according to the Instagram algorithms, the more regularly you post, the more visible your page gets among the general audience.

Keeping up with regular posts does get a bit difficult sometimes, keeping in mind the appropriate time to post too. However, there are various tools available in the market like Socinator, Mass Planner, Instarazzo, etc. that let you pre-schedule your Instagram posts. 


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6. Knowing the Audience

We previously talked about how meme accounts have a broader audience appeal, here’s a thing- they also know how to target a specific set of audience.

For instance, various meme pages only post memes related to science. Such pages quickly grab the attention of science geeks.

Targeting your audience and creating content catered to their interest is very crucial once you have gained enough brand awareness. This way, you keep them more interested in your brand and get more conversions over time.




7. Different from Others

You will agree with me when I say that Instagram photos have started looking pretty much the SAME. One would want to stand out to grab that audience’s attention. No wonder meme pages are a pro at this.

Uniqueness in your posts is going to get you more than an ample amount of Instagram audience- a marketing strategy that you cannot afford to ignore.

Their posts may not be the prettiest, but they are definitely going to catch more eyeballs than any other Instagram post with similar content. For instance, you probably come across hundreds of doggo photographs, but how often do you get to look at something like this?




8. Understand Ad Placements

Brands these days are focusing on endorsing their products on the meme accounts, thanks to the audience exposure that they possess. The impressive part is, sometimes you won’t even realize that the page is actually sponsoring the content- that’s the level of marketing that you would want to learn.

These pages always partner with such brands that match their overall content strategy, so the sponsored products fit right into their gallery.

One more thing that you need to learn here is the balance that they create between their original content and the occasional ads, without letting their pages look overly promotional. 


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9. Interactive With Audience

Those tag-your-friends-in-the-comments-section posts won’t really work if you provide no purpose to your audience for tagging in the first place.

Having an interactive profile increases the chances of social sharing of your posts, Instagram stories, and even your IGTV videos. I guess it’s not hard to predict who’s the master in this game- the meme pages, of course!

However, sometimes it is not very easy to keep in regular touch with your Instagram audience. In such cases, you can use tools like Socinator to automate your Instagram activities and keep your audience engagement high. 


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10. Utilize the User FOMO

FOMO or the fear of missing out is an actual phenomenon that explains the excitement or anxiety that an exciting event is happening somewhere. It usually arises in a person’s mind due to any social media post.

How does FOMO come into the picture, you would ask. Well, how many times do you find hidden posts on your DMs? A lot. I know. Going private is a strategy used by these meme accounts to trigger the curiosity of knowing more among the users.

You come across hidden posts from the same account from a lot of your friends, you get curious, you follow them, and BOOM their marketing strategies have worked on you. Do you get it now?

Well, apart from going private, there are other ways to induce FOMO, too, like giveaways.




11. Diversity in Content

The term OC or original content is taken seriously in the meme arena. The audience doesn’t like repetitive content, and so the creators refrain from it, resulting in vast diversity in the overall results that they deliver.

Now, this is something that every Instagram marketer must understand- you need to break the monotony. Bring more creativity into your work ASAP, or you will soon start losing even the most loyal page visitors.

However, breaking the monotony doesn’t imply refraining away from brand aesthetics; it means being unique by introducing new and original ideas into your posts.




12. Consistent Instagram Presence

Consistency is as important as diversity when it comes to Instagram marketing. Weak online presence quickly degrades your profile reach, irrespective of your content quality.

Meme pages get it. They make sure they grab that online spot and update it regularly. One can do this by posting more frequently, interacting with the audience on DMs and comments, going live, making how-to videos, etc.

Don’t have time for managing your profile activities? You can use tools like Socinator for automating all of your activities from a single dashboard. 


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13. Utilize Stories and Hashtags

We all know this- hashtags make your profile stand out in front of random users from all corners of the world.

It’s no brainer that meme page admins know very well how to use hashtags on their posts- one of the prime reasons behind all that traffic on their page from around the world. They also keep the audience engagement high on their stories by posting entertaining stuff there too.

The catch here is to learn the importance of ALL THE FEATURES that Instagram provides you. Stories and hashtags are one such thing on which you can never miss out. However, don’t spam while using the hashtags like the example mentioned below.




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Ready to Rock the Market Yet?

Instagram has exploded in the arena of digital marketing in no time. Along with Facebook and Google, Instagram has also become one big, fat marketing hub. Nevertheless, you must learn how to thrive and prevail in the era of online marketing by taking inspiration from everything that you see online. Including memes. Because, why not?

Read and re-read the points mentioned above, if you wish to succeed in your Instagram marketing strategies. Have something in mind? Would you like to add something? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.