What is automatic social media posting?

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What is automatic social media posting?

“Strategize and promote your brand on social media” You’ve heard this advice a million times. It is indeed important to promote your brand on social media, but what makes it so important? According to a study by Marketingsherpa, “95 % of online adults aged 18-34 are most likely to follow a brand via social networking” Do you know what this means? The more you post and engage with the audience, the more you’re likely to sell to them. Another study by Infusionsoft reveals that “Thirty-eight percent of small business owners plan to budget more for social media management in 2018”. All these reasons make social media marketing a game changer for businesses these days.  


What is an automatic social media posting?

 Automatic social media posting is gathering all your content in one place and scheduling them to post on social media platforms.   


Yes, it is as simple as it sounds. At the crux of it, it is a process of automating social media posting by using a tool like Socinator.


Think about it this way; you are putting your social media posting on autopilot so that you can focus on other, more important marketing related activities.


Alternatively, imagine social media automating like a cannon. Your content is the cannonball here; the Automator is the funnel, all you have to do is fire. Your content will be all over the channels when you want.


Not only automation makes social media marketing cheaper, but it also allows you to drive more engagement by ensuring that your posts are consistent across all social media platforms.


 Admit it, we all dread the task of social media posting. At first, it seems reasonable, but as the time passes by, we have so much else to do that social media posting seems like a time consuming and a daunting task. A task that’s so important but equally monotonous and boring.  


Automatic social media posting does all the tiring manual work for you.  


Should you use a social media Auto Poster?



It can save your cost on hiring


Out of all the budget spent on social media marketing, most of it is spent on hiring people for social media management.  


The odds are that if you hire the wrong people for social media posting, you will have social media marketing eating out of your pockets with nothing in return.  


If you want to keep things as streamlined as possible, then a social media auto poster can be mighty helpful for you.  


Saves Your Time


Think about it, an auto poster doing all the job for you, so that you can focus on other important things like sales and delivering result. Does it sound worthy?


Achieve consistency


By using an auto poster, you can be sure about the consistency of your posts, which is an essential factor in social media marketing. Companies are striving hard to be consistent.  


 Most of the social media algorithms are likely to give your post a natural boost if they are consistent. It means that more and more people will see your content without a lot of paid advertisement.   


How to use an Automatic Social Media Posting Tool?  


The purpose of Social Media Posting Tools is to ease the process of social media posting. So, before everything, the tool should be easy to set up and work with, like Socianator.



How do get started?


Connecting your social media accounts


After signing up, the first step is to connect your social media accounts. Socinator allows you to connect any number of reports you want. It supports ten different social media platforms, including major ones like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin on which you can deliver your content via scheduling.  


Managing your dashboard


The dashboard is where you will be able to manage all your social media accounts. On the Socinator dashboard, you can manage your posts and other activities related to your social media accounts.  


 Additionally, you get two different modes, normal and campaign. In the normal mode, you can add social networks. Whereas, in the campaign mode, you can group all your accounts.  For monitoring and better marketing strategies, the Socinator dashboard also shows you the Analytics of your posts.   


Adding posts  


Through the dashboard itself, you can add the posts. These posts can be in different formats. You can add articles, images, links, videos and more. Add as many posts as you want by using Socinator.


Scheduling Posts  


After adding your posts, you can choose when you want to post them on your social media networks. You can select a different time for different social networks in the normal mode or create a campaign to post them at the same time on all social networks, with the campaign mode.


Additional features


Apart from automatic social media posting, Socinator has other features too.


For Facebook, you can auto send friend requests, auto like and comment, schedule auto unfriend, auto join groups, live chat, reach people in your niche and more.


For Instagram, you can auto follow-back, auto like an auto re-post, auto message, find and extract hashtags and more.


For Twitter, you can use auto retweet, auto like/ favourite, auto message, find and extract targeted users and more.    


Get smart with automatic social media posting


Social media automation is the choice of big and small businesses who want to keep things streamlined and consistent. Socinator is a powerful tool for automatic social media posting. It will save you a lot of time and money, plus it will help you in focusing on more important things. To help you level up your social media game, Socinator offers features that can help you tremendously. Get onboard and see your social media marketing work without investing all your time and money in it.


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