How Marketing on Reddit Works?: A Definitive Guide

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How Marketing on Reddit Works?: A Definitive Guide

Have you been unsatisfied with your ongoing social media campaigns or would like to deliver something more exciting and engaging content to your audience. Then marketing on Reddit is the right option for you.

Nowadays, Reddit has become a platform where a post could easily get viral if it’s really funny and entertaining. Having billions of visits each month and with over 430 million monthly active users, it has also caught the interest of marketers and creators.

Considering simply from the point of content creation, on Reddit, you will find original and high-quality stuff. There you would rarely get anything irrelevant and off the topic. Since most of the time, Redditors don’t allow such content. And because of this, sometimes it may seem difficult for a business brand to create its own community on Reddit.

Definitely, it is not easy but not impossible as well.

If you are new to Reddit marketing, here we have put this guide showing how to use Reddit for marketing your business. So without further ado, let’s start!

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Marketing on Reddit Is So Tricky, Why?

As we already know, Redditors are strongly proactive about their communities. They do not like or support any non-engaging and promotional content on subreddits.

On the other hand, marketers also take the wrong approach. And most of the time, they publish promotional stuff on Reddit without considering the interest of their audiences.


Just like on any other social media platform where you have likes and dislikes, on Reddit, you have the option with upvotes and down-votes. Posts that get more upvotes will move up, and it would get further more views and engagement. And the posts which cause boredom to audiences get more downvotes, and sometimes it also gets spammed. So it’s not easy to get engagement on your posts as well.

Official Accounts of Brands on Reddit

Another thing is – though there might be some brands having their official business pages on Reddit, it’s not easy to find them. Unlike on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can easily search for verified accounts of the specific brand. But here with Reddit, there is no such option you will find on Reddit. For a single brand name, there are so many subreddit communities. And most of these communities are unofficial. Strange, isn’t it!

Though moderators of such communities may or may not be related to brands, still they can provide some essential information. And there are such communities, which share their knowledge and information about any specific brand.

Discussions on such threads can be negative and positive based on the experiences of various Redditors. So if the brand product is value for money, usually it would get more positive feedback from the audience. And it would eventually help businesses to gain more traffic that converts into sales.

Why Should You Consider Reddit?

Nowadays, every brand wants to establish its presence on social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. However, because of that, the competition on such platforms has been growing more and more. In such a big social space, Reddit gives you the opportunity to target specific communities with relevant interests, which can be easily converted.


In fact, Reddit is one of the most underutilized platforms for marketing purposes compared to any other social media platform. So even in the highly competitive arena of social media marketing, you have more opportunities of succeeding with Reddit marketing.

But now the question arises…

How Marketing on Reddit Works?

Reddit denotes itself as a front page of the Internet, as it primarily focuses on what people may search on the Internet. And most of the people are there to find information about various things. Reddit gives them a platform to discuss some specific niche-related stuff where people can share and discuss their problems. And in the process, they might have found the right solution as well. Considering that, Reddit seems to be the platform where you have many opportunities to advertise your brand. But as you already know, sometimes Redditors can be harsh on brands and be overprotective of their communities.

However, if you really want to succeed with your marketing on Reddit, then here are the steps you may follow.

  • If you want to promote your brand, first you need to gain the trust of other community members. So make sure that you have become a genuine member of the community who follows all the community guidelines and shows your participation by adding your thoughts and comments on a regular basis.
  • In Reddit, every user tries to contribute to the growth of their community and later for self-promotion. So, depending on your content, try to make it more engaging and less promotional for your audience.
  • On social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, you are free to publish promotional stuff. However, if you do the same on Reddit, you won’t find success here. To get value for your marketing, first, you need to give value to your community. And then only you can expect to get more traffic and conversions for your business.
  • Using fake channels for brand promotion may seem like working for a short time. But if you see the longer possibilities, it would eventually harm your brand only. Genuine Redditors can easily learn about such tactics, and they would surely not support such brand’s products or services.

Now, if you have started and want to build your brand presence on Reddit, you should do a bit of research on subreddits. With Socinator – social media automation tool, you can search and extract information about such subreddit communities that are relevant to your business.

Getting further, you need to build a nice feed and engage with your audience. While participating in discussions on various relevant topics, you will also learn about audiences who are really interested in what you post. So if you have really started doing well on Reddit, it would get more views and upvotes on your posts and comments.

Here we are showing you the top 5 types of Reddit content preferred by many successful Reddit marketers.


Redditors love GIFs, especially in the form of memes. On various topics, you can easily find some funny GIFs getting viral on Reddit. So if  you also have some ideas, you may also create engaging GIF posts on Reddit to get more views and engagement.



Basically, GIFs are the bit-sized version of videos only. So if you are seeking more attention-time from viewers, videos are the best option you have. In general, people would like to engage in videos more than still pictures, text, news, or any other kind of post.


Another way to get engagement on your Reddit post is by using high-quality and effective images. In fact, images are always very effective on Reddit. And if you have an interesting story behind the picture, it would be easier for you to get your content viral.


It stands for Ask Me Anything, and under these threads, Redditors ask their queries. There are many brands and influencers on Reddit who have highly benefited by engaging with audiences using AMAs. It helps them to build trust with audiences which later on can be converted into sales results.

Blogs & News:

If you want to get your news viral, Reddit could be the best option you may have. Here you can publish your news or blogs to target the specific niche of audiences who are interested in your stories. And eventually, it would help you to get more views, engagement, and traffic on your platform.


Paid Advertising On Reddit:

Even after a lot of organic efforts, there might be a chance you wouldn’t get many results through Reddit marketing. But still, you have an option with paid ads on Reddit, using which you can capture the attention of your target audience.

Reddit is still growing as a paid advertising platform moving in the same path as Facebook and Google advertising.


In general managing, all the things together could be hectic. And to get success in Reddit marketing is not an easy job for any social media marketer. But on the other hand, we have tools like Socinator, which automates most of your activities- posting, scheduling, follow-unfollow, multi-account management, subscribe and unsubscribe communities, upvotes, and downvotes, etc, which makes it easier for you to manage your marketing on Reddit.

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