How To Track and Increase Your Instagram Followers Count?

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How To Track and Increase Your Instagram Followers Count?

Every brand wants to get a quick influence on social media. But is it even possible? Yes! The trick is that you will have to boost your Instagram followers count. That seems quite simple, but is it really so? Let’s explore more.

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. Nowadays, many brands and marketers are already exploring this platform to leverage more. As the competition on the platform is increasing, you can literally see that organic exposure on Instagram seems to be going down.

For the time being, people have been trying many other expensive tips and tricks to gain more followers on Instagram, but such methods are not working anymore. And whatsoever, it will not get you the results that you want to achieve (i.e. Increasing Instagram followers count). In that case, what should you do?

Is it okay to rely on some IG follower tracking tool? Or do you need to do further research and analysis on that? Here we are going to discuss all things that would help you to increase your Instagram followers.  But before getting ahead, first, you should also learn about the Instagram followers counter.

So without further ado, here we go!

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What is an Instagram followers counter?

From the name itself, you might have already understood the usage of this tool. It helps you to get the real-time update of your followers’ counts on Instagram. If you are a professional Instagrammer, you need to keep track of live statistics of what’s happening on Instagram. There are also such tools in the market, which gives you a live report of the number of people who followed and unfollowed you on Instagram.


Though Instagram provides you with most of the insights, it doesn’t give you the live count of your followers. Especially if you want to build your brand on Instagram, you need to gain more and more followers. And having the right Instagram analytic tools by your side really gives you an advantage on that.

Instagram Statistics Are Important- Why?

Whether you are an influencer, Instagram blogger, or just promoting your business on Instagram, you need to keep track of progress. Isn’t it? Well, on Instagram, you just need to own a business account to access the growth insights. Isn’t it amazing? But nowadays, everybody can access these insights, so the competition is also getting tougher. While in such a case, you can still rely on social media analytics tools that can help you get a view on some other stats. Following that, you can further enhance your Instagram engagement, views, likes, and followers.

As we already know that Instagram didn’t provide the live update of your followers count. But don’t worry, as there is Socinator, which helps you to get the quick analysis report of followers count on Instagram. Socinator has this activity statistic and reporting feature that allows users to track the live engagement, views, likes and followers count.

Are you ready to increase your Instagram followers count? If yes, then here are some of the ways which you can follow to achieve so.

Ways To Increase Instagram Followers Count

Optimize Your Instagram Profile –

So before you start pushing your followers’ count, the first thing you should check is your Instagram profile. Whenever someone views your content and likes that, they might also visit your profile. In that case, only two things can happen – either they will follow you on Instagram or they won’t. You want to increase your chances of getting more followers – the first step is to create a nice bio. Reading this bio, viewers get to know about you and your brand content. So if they are really interested, they might just click on the follow button.


Note- One more thing to say, while creating a bio for your Instagram profile don’t forget to mention your website link. There is a chance that a viewer might even visit your site and make a purchase. 

Make Your Posts Ready In Advance –

One of the great things about most influencers and creators on Instagram is that they are always active with their posting. Compared to that, most brands are not as consistent with their posts. And that could also be the reason why they might not be able to get enough engagement on their posts. If you or your brand is not regular with your posts, there is quite a chance that you might miss a few more opportunities to gain more followers.

We know that for an individual creator, it is far easier to post on a regular basis. In comparison, the social media manager of a brand will have to manage several other things side by side. So it’s definitely going to be more complicated for them. In such a case, they should consider preparing their creations in advance, which they can schedule using the Instagram scheduler tool.

Socinator is also an Instagram scheduler tool, which allows you to auto-publish your posts on a specific date and time. Using this feature, you can be consistent with your posting following the content calendar without skipping a day. Also, it allows you to analyze the engagement details based on the audience engagement. So accordingly, you can publish at a time that gets you more views, likes, and followers on Instagram.


Engage With Other Brands & Creators-

On Instagram all creators are not your competitors. There might be some influencers who are willing to collaborate with you and your brand as well. By collaborating with such influencers or brands, you might be able to catch their audiences’ interest as well. This could be the easiest way to get your Instagram followers count go up.

Get More Exposure For Your Instagram Profile-

The thing is- when you are getting more exposure to your Instagram profile, that means you will definitely get a boost in your Instagram followers count as well. What you need to do is just to share your Instagram profile link wherever you find the opportunity. For suppose- if you are a blogger, you can add a social media button linking to your Instagram profile. You can also use this trick to drive traffic from other social media platforms as well.


Create What Your Followers Expect-

One of the first things we learn in marketing is to get into the shoes of the buyer. It helps the marketer understand what their audience expects from them, and accordingly, they recommend their best products and services. Also, make your captions and hashtags based on the interest of your target audience so that it would be more visible to your audience.

Convert Your Followers Into Customers-

Now that you are doing great, increasing your Instagram followers count. The next thing you should do is to convert your existing followers into customers. Obviously, the people who are following your content will be interested in your products and services as well. And they might be willing to purchase from you when you offer them a great deal. The more people would get converted, the better engagement you will be getting on your newer post showing more products and offers. Those who are really interested would surely follow your content. It’s like a loop where you just need to nurture your Instagram followers count more to gain better conversions in return.

Wrapping Words:

Even if you have all the tricks and tips on your sleeves, it would not be enough to boost your Instagram followers count. Relying on some external support is a great option, but as you already know that Instagram is also getting stricter with it’s rules just like any other social media platform. Although there are still some options as you have the social dominator- Socinator in your choice that helps you to manage multiple social media platforms under a single dashboard.

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