5 Smart Ways To Boost Your Business Profit With Social Media Automation

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5 Smart Ways To Boost Your Business Profit With Social Media Automation

Training operations and business activities have changed a lot in the last couple of decades, thanks to the influence of ever-growing technology including social media automation, advancements, etc. The Internet, being the catalyst of these advancements, does assist businesses in boosting their profit ratio. But at the same time, it makes everything quite difficult as you need to consider several features at the same time.

Social Media has also become one of the important features of today’s latest era of business, as it has the ability to reach thousands of people in just a couple of seconds. Not only this,  social media marketing also helps organizations and techno-geeks to enhance their authority, raise awareness, interact with organic customers, etc.

Therefore, being a business owner or an upcoming entrepreneur, you should embrace the social platforms and learn the best strategies to make it work for your business.

In this post, you’ll explore 05 ways to improve your business profit using social media. So, let’s start!

Build a Strong Brand Value

If you are planning to expand your business and increase sales, it’s highly important to build excellent brand value. Remember, the ultimate goal is to make the audience remember your company using social media features.

For that, firstly you should focus only on the platforms that are relevant and add necessary business information like website addresses, descriptions, emails, phone numbers, etc.

Secondly, you need to ensure visual coherence across all communication channels. It covers the key visual elements such as icons, photos cover, color schemes, models for ads, and fonts. But here the question arises, why is it highly important?

As per the recent survey, brand recognition has increased by 80% by color, whereas 90% of customers expect you to be active across all the trending social media channels. Thus, you need to guarantee delivering the same experience to your viewers on every platform via brand consistency. 

Drive Organic Traffic To The Website


Another best thing that you can do with Social Media is to drive organic traffic to your site. As most people start searching for companies directly through websites, a huge number of people start from social media accounts directly. 

You should help them get to the source in such situations, and visit your place. Instagram, for example, allows you to include one single link in the bio section. Companies naturally take advantage of the opportunity to add a URL leading users to their landing pages or official websites.

Similarly, you can also consider the same example and prioritize the importance of social media as a source of traffic generation, which brings us to the next point. 

Enhance Your Website Ranking


It is one of the best ways which goes parallel to the last one as you can turn social media into a real website booster tool. While experts still can not determine whether social platforms directly influence search engine optimization (SEO), as per the reality, they have at least four ways to affect your search ranking. They include – 

  • Social Media plays a decisive role in increasing visibility and generating traffic. 
  • It helps in increasing brand recognition along with professional authority. 
  • Enables to share various details across various social media channels.
  • It allows you to contribute to the local SEO efforts. 

In addition, we also encourage adding social sharing buttons to the website, as this will give business marketing an additional push.

Build A Stronger Relationship with Social Interaction


Social sharing is useless if you cannot build a healthy relationship with your followers. A strong company-customer relationship is one of the best ways to gain profit for your business. Promote your engagements and try to turn regular followers to organic brand lovers who will have a long-run association with your company.

As per the recent studies, more than 80% of the company’s sales come from its customers.  Moreover, already existing customers are more likely to spend more money and purchasing new products from your site in comparison to the new customers.

Therefore, I suggest you start interacting with your social media fans regularly. If you find it somewhat difficult to interact with your followers or fans on a daily basis, then you can also try to use different social media automation tools available in the market.

There are several automation software tools available, including Social Captain, Content Studio, etc. but Socinator, in my opinion, is by far the best tool automation tool. This software stands out amongst the ideal approaches to coordinate the traffic to your site. It also helps you to auto-publish and schedule posts on different social networks, including  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., which helps in increasing engagement and organic audience reach, provides better engagement ratio along with ROI. You can also schedule posts on auto-pilot mode and watch them grow.

Some of the highlighted features of Socinator include – 

Accounts Activity

Account activity is the summary of all the activities which you have automated. From the home page, you can check which options are automated and which aren’t. If things aren’t automated, then you can go and automate them directly.  

Account Manager

Socinator helps you to automate most of the repetitive activities and build stronger relationships with your customers. This feature allows you to both manage and monitor your accounts and how they have grown. 

Account Growth

This account growth feature helps in showing how your accounts are going. Moreover, your account growth stats are available in the table view or chart view format. You can only either see gains, totals, or the complete stats. 


The Dashboard is simply a record of all updates to the Socinator. Each time that Socinator adds a new feature or fixes a bug, the Dashboard displays it in detail. I think it’s a great way to find out about the new features and all the platform adjustments done. 

Therefore, try using this software to make your network more prominent and professional and associate with potential partners and customers on the go.

Advertise To Attract Verified Leads 


Most of the social networks have outstanding advertising features that help in targeting audiences related to their respective niche and attract verified leads that are much likely to become potential buyers. 

You can also advertise or share your product reviews on different SAAS platforms like Saastrac.com. It helps more people know about your software, and there are much more likely to get increasing conversion rates. 


It isn’t effortless to find a more influential marketing channel than social networks. However, the impact of social channels have completely altered the way marketers plan and run campaigns. Therefore, using Social media automation tools marketing is indeed complex but at the same time, more impactful. 

Social media marketing can help your organization flourish, but to design quality campaigns on these platforms, you have to understand the state of the art tactics. In this post, we’ve analyzed 05 ways with social media to increase your business profit.

Which one do you consider to be the most valuable? Feel free to share your thoughts, questions, or suggestions in comments – we’d love to see your views on this subject!