Twitter Monitoring Tool: 5 Ways To Track Twitter Growth of Your Brand

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Twitter Monitoring Tool: 5 Ways To Track Twitter Growth of Your Brand

Want to keep tabs on your Twitter growth? Growing a Twitter account is just like raising an infant, where you need to monitor every little change in your profile. That’s why you need a Twitter monitoring tool to help monitor your Twitter profile’s growth. And also let you know more about your audience, competitors, and other creators/ influencers who create content in a similar niche.

Although there are so many tools and software you can find online, it would be a difficult call to select the best one. You might get some tools that have features to discover upcoming trends, competing brands, and content. On the other hand, there are also tools using which you can focus on the analytic section measuring engagement and followers’ growth.

Of course, you should opt for the right Twitter monitoring software that fulfills all your requirements. And because of that, we are showing you some of the best tips and tricks for using Twitter monitoring tools/ software. Without further ado, here we go!

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Top 5 Ways To Do Brand Monitoring On Twitter

Find Your Competitors-

Nowadays, you can easily find most brands on Twitter. However, you might not have enough time to check on their every tweet and ad. While using Twitter monitoring tools to discover other brands competing with your business.


Thankfully such tools not only help you find competing brands, monitoring Twitter can help you to would let you discover their successful campaigns and learn about their strategies. Also, some Twitter analytical tools assist you in gaining competitor’s ad insights. And thereby, you can optimize your marketing to ensure getting more leads for your business.

For example: Being a marketer, you might have trouble finding engaging ideas for your Twitter creatives. Brand monitoring Twitter, you would easily discover Twitter posts from top brands that are most relevant to your business. There you even have the option to compare your own adverts with other top creators, which might help you to find new ideas to optimize your content.

Learn About Potential Customers-

After finding out more about competitors, the Twitter monitoring tool may also help you check on their target audience. If you want to reach similar audiences, you may replicate their targeting strategies in your own campaign. By doing so, you can definitely approach audiences who might be interested in your brand products. Also, you might even learn about those people who are unsatisfied with your competitor’s brand and looking for an alternative. In such a case, you might want to take a chance and leverage this opportunity to grab the attention of your potential customers.


Look for Growth Opportunities-

Now, if you have found brands that are already doing well on Twitter, you can investigate their best-selling products/services. That would help you uncover their unique selling points that you may replicate in your own advertising to grow your brand reach and engagement on Twitter. Likewise, you may check their brand relationship with audiences, whether they satisfy customers’ queries or not, which showcases their brand image. Knowing so, you may also track Twitter mentions which help you try interacting with their audiences. While you may try reaching them, as it might get you more growth in your brand reach and create opportunities for your business.


Optimize Your Ad Creative-

Even if you take your time searching for the best Twitter ad creatives, you won’t be getting an answer anytime soon. Marketers need to invest their time in the process of modification, testing, and improvements to create ad campaigns that are closer to being perfect. You might not be as good as compared some creators on Twitter. However, using Twitter monitoring tools, you may analyze the best points from your competitors’ campaigns and optimize your own ad creatives accordingly.


Track Twitter Hashtags –

With Twitter monitoring software, you can also catch on the trending hashtags and captions on Twitter. Just by following hashtags, you may learn about the trending topics on Twitter that you haven’t discovered yet. Luckily, now we have tools like Socinator that let you find relevant hashtags using keywords. You just need to follow those hashtags, and that will bring you to the bunch of tweets trending on Twitter.


How To Use Twitter Monitoring To Grow Your Brand?

If you are growing a brand on Twitter,  you must have Twitter monitoring software in your toolbox. Nowadays, marketers keep track of their social media growth based on real-time analysis. With Twitter tracking now, they are capable enough to track Twitter mentions from any creator or brand that may seem relevant to their business.

Further, by going through those tweets with mentions, you can find out what people really think about the brand. In fact, you may also use Twitter monitoring to analyze social listening on Twitter to check audiences’ sentiments about your brand (whether positive, negative, or neutral).

Moreover, Twitter monitoring tools also let you track brand advocators who may really want to support your brand. There you may also find creators who want to collab and interact with your brand. While you can connect with such users and encourage them to create user generate content and mention your brand.

And the best thing about Twitter tracking tools is that it gets you the report of your’s and your competitor’s brand growth. Through this, you can analyze and compare the likes, comments, retweets, and following to further improve your brand growth on Twitter.

Final Words:

Aiming in the dark and just crossing your fingers to hit the goal won’t help you anymore. Since your competitors on Twitter are playing smart and using Twitter monitoring tools to optimize their campaigns, you also need to upscale your own marketing strategies.

Just by keeping track of the competitors’ social profiles, you could be able to leverage a lot for your business. Other than monitoring, you may also opt for automation tools (like Socinator) for your Twitter marketing to be in auto-pilot mode. Also, please share your thoughts on our blog post in the comment section given below.

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