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Top 06 Facebook Ads Tracking Software To Improve Ads Performance

Are you looking for the best ways to track your Facebook ads performance? Look no further! This article will discuss everything you need to know about Facebook ads tracking software.

As one of the most popular social media and marketing platforms, it’s no wonder that marketers are taking advantage of Facebook advertising opportunities to enhance exposure and acquire qualified leads. However, it is vital to consider how your Facebook advertising affects and influences your customer acquisition and marketing ROI.

Most businesses are guilty of failing to track the performance of their advertisements, resulting in lower profits than top corporations. And, given the platform’s severe competition, it’s critical to track every minor metric of Facebook ad marketing efforts.

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By following this guide, you will learn about the best ad tracking software and learn how to track Facebook ads. Are you ready to attribute your sales revenue to your most valuable campaigns? Let’s get started!

What Is Ads Tracking Software?


Ad tracking is a strategy for tracking and gathering data and user insights on the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns to determine how effective an advertising channel is.

It allows you to determine whether or not your campaigns are effective by providing critical statistics on ad spending and increasing revenue. Advertisers can obtain this information through various methods, including tracking URLs, pixels, and cookies.

But, the sheer amount of data available can be overwhelming if done manually. This process takes a lot of time and effort while not providing accurate results. Many tools are available called Ad tracking software to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the ad tracking process.

These tools give advertisers access to countless granular data points with your digital advertising and customer data, making it easy to see how ad campaigns impact sales in almost real-time.

Let’s see some of the best Facebook ads software available at your disposal!

Facebook ads tracking software #1- Facebook Ads Manager and Ads Manager Mobile App:


What better place for assistance, knowledge, and direction than Facebook? Facebook Ads Manager is a native application and part of the overall Facebook Business Manager that provides access to marketing tools for targeted ads to reach specific audiences. You can use Facebook ads tracking software to build, track, and optimize your campaigns.

Through Facebook Ads, you have access to all the marketing tools you need to develop targeted ads that will reach your target demographic. You can also use the mobile app to keep track of your Facebook ad performance and even create new advertisements and audiences while on the road.

Facebook ads tracking software #2- Facebook Pixel:

The Facebook universal pixel is vital to every advertiser’s toolset.

The pixel on your website or app will power the ability to develop bespoke audiences based on user activity on your website or app and provide insights regarding ad conversions.

Install the Facebook Ad Pixel on your website, app, and web domains to enable enhanced audience targeting and event-based conversion campaigns.

Facebook ads tracking software #3- Hootsuite Ads:


Even if you’re new to social media advertising, Facebook ads tracking software Hootsuite Ads makes it easy to understand all the analytics easily. Hootsuite Analytics allows you to generate and distribute bespoke reports for your Facebook page. It includes numerous metrics, such as clicks, comments, shares, reach, video views, and video reach.

It also will make creating your first ad a snap. It includes a tool for specifying ad attributes like shape, photo, and copy, so you’ll have a good start on that. Although the builder makes ad creation simple and quick, it is still recommended that you write your own material to make the ad more unique.

Facebook ads tracking software #4- AdEspresso:


AdEspresso is a complete platform for businesses and another popular web-based Facebook ads tracking software. AdEspresso, a tool designed exclusively for creating, testing, and optimizing social media ads, has advanced features such as generating unique PDF reports for each Facebook ad campaign.

AdEspresso is a competent Facebook ad automation tool; however, many users have encountered campaign setup and testing issues. AdEspresso does not allow advertising to be added to a campaign once uploaded to Facebook, which slows down the campaign creation process.

Facebook ads tracking software #5- Madgicx:


Madgicx is one of the best Facebook ads software and a strong alternative for Facebook ad optimization that employs AI-powered technologies. It is an omnichannel advertising platform that also supports Facebook ad automation.

Companies may design a customized advertising campaign for all funnel stages thanks to its 100+ audience targeting choices. Using the creative intelligence tool, this platform also assesses your ad success across several data points.

As a result, you may efficiently target the appropriate audience category. Furthermore, you may use this tool to optimize advertising to incrementally boost your company’s ROI by paying less on Facebook ads.

Facebook ads tracking software #6- Qwaya:


Professional marketers want a complex tool to satisfy their needs, and Qwaya is a robust and the best ad tracking software that helps you improve Facebook advertisements. Its Ad planner function allows you to arrange ads to run at specific periods of the day or week.

You can also set performance-based restrictions to halt the campaign at any point. It provides a selection of ad templates to pick from, saving you time while making ads.

Companies can export the analytics report in XLSX or CSV formats. Furthermore, Qwaya provides tools such as multi-testing and a URL builder to simplify ad optimization.

Put Your  Social Media Marketing On Autopilot:

Socinator: The Social Dominator


Socianator is one of the best social media marketing and automation tools you can discover. With the industry-leading features, you may expand your social media safety and naturally. Socinator delivers automation for more than nine platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, etc.

With Socinator, you get functionality according to the platform you want to manage, and it also comes with an RSS feed reader. An effective user interface allows you to manage your social networks in one spot. Socinator is one of the greatest paid social media analytics tools and also offers a free trial.


How To Track Facebook Ads In Google Analytics:


Let’s see how to track Facebook ads with the best facebook ads software, google analytics, follow these 5 simple steps to track your Facebook ads in Google Analytics:

  1. Use URL Campaign Builder to Generate URL Parameters
  2. Define Your Campaign Source, Medium, and Name
  3. Define Campaign Term and Campaign Content
  4. Generate a New Campaign URL for Your Ad
  5. Track Performance in Google Analytics

#1: Create URL Parameters With URL Campaign Builder.

The first step is to create URL parameters for your Facebook advertising campaign. You can use Google’s free Campaign URL Builder tool to generate URL parameters.

track-facebook-ads-step-1-campaign url-builder

Fill out the Campaign URL Builder form with the relevant fields. When you submit this form, a campaign URL with all URL parameters will be created. You may start tracking visits in Google Analytics by using the freshly generated URL in your Facebook advertising.

  • To begin, go to the Facebook page/post you want to promote.
  • Copy and paste the URL into the website URL field.


#2 Determine the Source, Medium, and Name of Your Campaign:

The following field is Campaign Source. You can specify “Facebook ad” as the campaign provider or simply “Facebook.”


Then, if you’re measuring link clicks, specify “CPC” as your campaign medium and “CPM” if you’re tracking impressions.

If you’re unsure,

  • log in to Facebook and go to Ads Manager —> Ad Set —> Budget & Schedule —> Optimization & Delivery,
  • Then double-check the option you’ve chosen in Optimization for Ad Delivery.
  • After that, input the Campaign Name. It should be the same as the name of your Facebook ad campaign as displayed above in Facebook Ads Manager.

After filling out these four fields, here’s how Campaign Builder form should look like this:


#3 Define The Campaign Term & Content:

The first four fields in the form are required, while the rest are optional. However, if you wish to track numerous ad campaigns individually in your Google Analytics report, include the rest of the information.

The more detailed your URL parameters are, the better, and you’ll know which campaigns are bringing traffic to your site and which need to be enhanced.

The name of your Ad Set should be the same as the Campaign Term. Copy and paste the name from your Ad Set into the Campaign Term box.


Similarly, the name of your Facebook Ad should be the same as the name of your Campaign Content. Simply copy and paste the same name into the box.


When all of the fields have been completed, your Campaign URL Builder form should look like this:


Campaign Terms and Campaign Content are generic in the preceding example. You should be more specific with the terms you use to specify your parameters, especially regarding Campaign Content.

You can utilize the Campaign Content field to distinguish between different ad formats. Remember to create a unique campaign URL for each ad to effectively track them in Google Analytics.

#4 Create A New Campaign URL For Your Ad:

Your campaign URL will be automatically produced now that your form has been completed. Simply scroll down to view your campaign URL.


To begin tracking Facebook advertisements in Google Analytics, click here.


  • Copy the section of the URL that begins with a question mark.
  • Navigate to Ads Manager —> Ad Set —> Ad —> URL Parameters on Facebook.

Copy and paste the following campaign URL parameters into this box:

  • You can also copy and paste the entire URL into the Website URL area.


  • Make sure to preview your new URL in a new tab to ensure the URL parameters are displayed.
  • You can also make a short link out of the created URL.
  • Connect your and Campaign URL Builder accounts.
  • can provide you with more information for your ad campaign.
  • After previewing the new campaign URL, click the “Publish” button.
  • Now you can use Google Analytics to track the performance of your Facebook ads.

#5 Monitor Performance With Google Analytics:

Log in to your Google Analytics account and start tracking Facebook ads.

  • Navigate to Acquisition —> All Traffic —> Source/Medium from the left side menu.
  • Navigate to the Other dropdown menu from the Primary Dimension.
  • Choose the parameter to track from the Acquisition dimensions.
  • You may assess the performance of your Facebook ad campaign with this report.


You can now see traffic data for your Facebook ad campaigns under “Campaign” – the exact name you provided in the Campaign Name field in Campaign URL Builder.


Similarly, you can select “Keyword” and track your ad performance under “Ad Content,” you can see how your ad sets are performing.

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To Summarise:

Ad tracking software is intended to aid people in making the most informed decisions possible, whether running a marketing campaign or a small business. This requires collecting statistics on the success and conversion rates of your adverts. With tracking, it is considerably easy to tell whether a campaign is successful or not. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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