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Black Friday Marketing Tips To Get More Out Of Instagram

Black Friday, as you all know, is that time of the year when every business offers huge discounts and incentives. From big to small, all the companies on this day give discounts and people from around the world shops on this day.


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Just last year, the sales revenue was $7.9 billion in the USA. It tells you about the sales opportunity available on this day. And I am pretty sure you don’t want to be left behind.

With so many people shopping and sharing on this day, you have to cover the social media part too, and Instagram is the best place for it. Why?

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It is the most popular social media platform, and people from all over the world use it. So, it is the best place to advertise your Black Friday sales.

Now coming to the advertising, below are 10 tips to get you started with that:


1. Timing 

I know what you are thinking; what the timing has to do with sales. It is a one-day event, and the deals will be over in a flash. 

That’s where the trick lies. Sales start on that day, but you can plan in advance and get the best out of Instagram.

What you can do is, start your black Friday ad campaign 2-3 days prior to the main event. You could start posting a few sneak peeks or coming soon offers in the starting. And as the heat rises, you can move on to the more aggressive advertising. It is a great way to build hype before the event. 


 2.Limited Time Offer

Once you are ready with your plan, you need to focus on your ads. The ads you are making for Insta people will not magically bring you consumers; you have to hit the target.

You can do that by making your ad or product valid for a limited time only. You have to create a sense of urgency and let people believe that after this day, they won’t be able to get this kind of deal. 


3. Giveaways

Black Friday Sales

Free gifts or add-ons with a purchased product is welcomed by everybody. Thus, try to provide people with something extra when they shop.

Giving incentives not only helps you build the hype but also helps you with free advertisement. Once people know that you are giving something free with a purchase, they will unconsciously share your ads/posts with their friends. Resulting in a free advertisement for you.

Plus it is also a great way to move the stuff from your storage that was not selling enough, cause free is free right!


 4. Hashtags(#)

Everybody knows that hashtags are very important in Instagram, and they significantly increase engagement when used correctly.

So why not use it on Black Friday sales ads. You can use the hashtags in your posts to help them stand out and not get lost in this pool of posts. Create your custom hashtags, and use them with the other trending hashtags in your posts. With the help of this, people can find out about every deal that you have shared on Instagram.

This way, you create your web of the network inside Instagram, that stands out in the crowd. You can also use it to invite people, and tell them about the new and crazy deals you have to offer.


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5. Scheduling Your Posts

Scheduling the posting part is very important, as people around holidays are mostly free, and will browse the feed more than usual. I know they will not browse for 24hrs, but don’t forget about the sheer numbers of people.

Everyone has different preferences and time to use Instagram. So it doesn’t really matter if half the people on earth miss your post, the other half will convey it to them.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about posting time. You can pre-schedule your posts and publish as many ads as you think will be okay for your campaign.

You can use an automation tool to pre-schedule your post so that you don’t have to worry about posting it later. There are many automation tools available on the Internet, some of the best ones are – Socinator, Agorapulse, etc.


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6. Gift Guides

Gift guides are the perfect way to increase your sales. I am sure you are already aware of Instagram’s shoppable posts. No?

It is a post which contains all the information about the products you are showcasing; the price, details, etc. It also contains CTA with the help of which you can redirect people to your sites.

You can use this post and present your users with deals. You can tell them about the offers that you are giving and provide users with gift ideas. In order to succeed, survey according to your niche and then go with the advertisement.


7. Killer Captions 

Killer captions are a great way to make the necessary improvements to your sales. We all know that trending posts are better when it comes to advertising anything. And to make sure your posts make it to trending, add captions that are eye-catching and which can give your post an instant boost.


8. Call-To-Action

CTA buttons are very helpful in turning prospects into leads. So, why not use it in your ad. By using a CTA button in your Instagram post, you will get twice the amount of leads. The only thing you have to make sure is that you write a good CTA.

Good in this case means; the line or the para you are using to entice people must be strong. It should have something that provokes enthusiasm and emotion in the reader. If you do that you’ll have a large number of leads in your hands.


9. Use Short Links

One other thing you can do on your Instagram post is to use short links. The logic behind it is that people won’t pay attention to long links that have a bunch of gibberish.

You can use URL shortener tools, that are available on the Internet to make sense of long, confusing links. Once you have created a short link, you can use it in multiple ways. You can add it in a post, or you can post it on your bio (if your campaign is going to run for long). And if you pair it with CTA, you can have a huge number of people visiting your profiles.



There you have it, nine marketing tips for Black Friday. Put together a strong content strategy, and make sure you stick to it. As I have said before, starting ahead is the key.

That’s all I have. If you think I have left something, or have something to add, feel free to mention it in the comment section below.



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