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The best Pinterest auto follow tool for marketers

You probably wanted to eat something special one day and you searched for a recipe online. Your search was not random but on Pinterest. This is the subject of this article. You will find out more about this very popular online application. How it all started, how you can use it to grow your business and which is the best Pinterest auto follow tool (a subject for busy marketers).

What is the story behind the brand?

It all started from Ben Silbermann, the CEO, and co-founder of this social media platform. The tool was released in January 2010. It had an impressive number of 5000 users by the end of August that year.

Since Ben’s parents were both doctors, he also decided to follow this way. Until he thought that it will be better if he enters the “business” sector.

Ben’s first job was of a consultant. He used to work most of the day doing spreadsheets. Ben started to learn things about the IT domain and he became more and more interested in it.

Ben also had a job at Google, but he wasn’t satisfied with that one either. His girlfriend told him to quit and to continue on his own if he wants to do something revolutionary.

pinterest auto follow toolFrom Tote to Pinterest

The Pinterest CEO launched the first application called “Tote” together with Paul Sciarra, a college friend who was living in New York.

“Tote” did not have the expected success, as they were not getting any money to grow the application. Even if there were many investors who said “no” to Ben, one day he received a “yes”. This was the starting point for Pinterest.

Evan Sharp was another friend of Ben who helped him with this project. He was living in New York and decided to work together with Ben on this application. Evan is the co-founder of Pinterest.

Pinterest was not successful from the beginning. People didn’t seem to understand how it worked. Ben thought that it was too late to go back, so he gave it another try.

And when people started to utilize Pinterest for what they thought it important for them, the tool’s number of users has started to grow significantly. As Ben says, Pinterest “is the place to plan the most important projects in your life”. Pinterest’s mission is “not to keep you online, it’s to get you offline. Pinterest should inspire you to go out and do the things you love.”

In a few words, Pinterest is about getting inspired to do things and to inspire others as well.

Why is Pinterest a marketing tool?

We will now talk about why you should think about using Pinterest as a marketing tool. Later on, we will also discuss the Pinterest auto follow tool.

Pinterest is an online tool used worldwide. Almost everyone heard about it or used it at least once.

The online environment is continuously changing. If you want to be successful, you need to be present and to know what’s happening all the time.

On Pinterest, you can pin all the specific content for your business. You can pin information about events, conferences, webinars etc.  People always need to know what’s new if you want them to keep following you. You can pin photos from the places you have visited, for people to see the person behind the brand. You need to be very natural and to always provide positive customer experience. Try to pin enjoyable content. People will always be interested in this.

Stay in touch with your Pinterest followers and always look for new ones. If you don’t have the necessary times, you can use a Pinterest auto follow tool. This is our next subject.

Pinterest auto follow tool-why should you think about using it?

Automation is a common subject nowadays. Many businesses are using it to grow their profiles with minimum efforts. Running a business is not easy and we all know this. You need to put significant efforts and this can be overwhelming. This is precisely why you should think about using a Pinterest automation tool – to make your social media life easier.

All the content that you share on Pinterest is important. It depends on it to make people want more from your products or services. People will always expect high-quality content and you need to make sure this is the main rule when sharing any kind of content.

Socinator – the online tool for busy marketers

If you want to have all the Pinterest’s features in one place, then Socinator may be the best Pinterest automation tool. It has a user-friendly interface and the only step required in using it will be to customize its settings for your online needs.

Socinator will provide detailed reports and statistics that will help you to see in real time what happens with your Pinterest account. You will see if something needs to be changed or improved so as to have the maximum effects for your business.

One of the most utilized Socinator’s features is the “follow” option. You will be able to follow/unfollow and follow back. This will be a real help for growing your business. This way, you will make sure that you keep your targeted audience close.

You can use the other features as well: add video pins, auto create boards, broadcast messages, auto repin etc. You decide on the options that will be the best for growing your business.

Socinator can be purchased from $9.95 per month.

It all started as a project and ended up being one of the most important marketing tools nowadays. You found out how everything began and that everything is possible. If one day you wake up and realize that you are not doing what you what, remember that you can always change this and it’s never too late. This also applies if you own a business. If you think that it’s time to do change something and regain your free time, you can always use a Pinterest automation tool.


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