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SocialCaptain Shutdown? Ultimate SocialCaptain Alternative Is Here!

Just to get started with, pretty much anyone in this internet world, if ever wants to gain followers based on different locations and filters, thinks about SocialCaptain as one of the best Instagram management software. 

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This software claims to be the best one to help its customers grow their accounts effectively through targeted growth. Initially, Social Captain claims to be one of the best platforms in the industry. It eventually seemed that for one reason or another they had slowly stopped running. And now, it’s completely down, and users can no longer use it!

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SocialCaptain Review : Leading AI-Based Solution To Get Your Instagram Poppin

That’s why you need to know its alternatives. 

There are tons of SocialCaptain alternatives that offer a huge variety of reliable services and tools, that helps users in managing their Instagram account easily and get a high engagement rate. 

Are you looking for the best social media management software other than SocialCaptain?  

Today, I am going to share one of the top leading SocialCaptain alternatives – Socinator | The Social Dominator Tool.

It was a saviour for IG marketers before SocialCaptain shut down, increasing their participation in their accounts. Now that it is history, however, is there an alternative available? I’ll tell YES if you ask me.

But before that let’s know, 

How & Why SocialCaptain Shutdown?

SocialCaptain Alternative
SocialCaptain Alternative

When SocialCaptain was working initially, everything was fine. As a business, SocialCaptain was one of the most popular Instagram software which made a lot of money and expanded its customer base. 

Thanks to the improved interaction we enjoy from its autopilot character, consumers of their service are equally pleased. There is, however, one business – Instagram, that was not happy with all of these. And SocialCaptain is down!

Initially, SocialCaptain used to offer different pricing plans depending upon the user requirement – $15 for 7 days, $39 for 30 days, and $99 Turbo plan to provide real-time results and strong Instagram growth.

Reading a summary of customer testimonials lets users determine whether or not to use the platform; that’s why we’re going to show some feedback from SocialCaptain.

Because a lot of reviews include – Due to SocialCaptain various people got their IG accounts banned, high pricing plans, need to share credit card details, unresponsive customer support, etc. 

There are more serious reasons why most users are disappointed with it and do not recommend it at all. 

On the whole, the software no longer works, and the question could be left in the minds of users as to what would be the perfect SocialCaptain alternative.

So, now I am here to share about one of the best alternatives to this platform which provides a healthy dose of a variety of social media management features. The best alternative to it is – 

But due to the fast-moving technology, nowadays, tons of software tools, declare to help in boosting the overall brand growth and ease up the whole social media management. 

Hence, as this new technological era offers a lot to people who are planning to boost up their online business, but we all know that they have tons of drawbacks. 

Several businesses are selling very generic features that you can get anywhere, but for them they overcharge. Many businesses would also steal your data and sell it on to another business.

Therefore, it’s vital to check out the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the company along with the features you need. 

So to help you with it, I am here to introduce you to one of the best social captain alternative –

Socinator | The Social Media Dominator Tool


Socinator is one of those platforms that claim to be able to cover anything, from the management of Instagram to having YouTube marketing support. And the best part is that what they fight about is offered.

Let move ahead and know what all Socinator offers – 

Socinator For Instagram Management

SocialCaptain Alternative
SocialCaptain Alternative

Be smart and gain valuable insights with Socinator’s Instagram management tools — schedule updates, handle comments, track hashtags and get reports.

Now with Instagram management – 

Streamline your posting – 

Optimize your posts and save time with powerful scheduling features of Socinator within a single dashboard. Also, schedule your Instagram profile picture at a pre-defined time.

Manage content and campaigns – 

Manage Instagram posts with campaign tags and message approval effectively from a content calendar.

Flawlessly manage multiple accounts – 

Link and maintain multiple Instagram accounts without logging in-and-out from one social management app.

Broadcast messages – 

Are you planning to share some news to share it your followers all at once? Using the broadcasting feature, you can send it to all at once. 

Reshare user-shared content – 

By resharing photos and video updates, users can easily build links with your audience. 

Gain post-wise insights – 

Identify top-performing posts rapidly with the analytics of Socinator and track comments, likes, and interaction.

Create quick & easy reports – 

Compare and evaluate performances of your posts with detailed analysis, reports, real-time statistics and boost up your presence with high-end analysis.

Socinator For Facebook Management –

SocialCaptain Alternative
SocialCaptain Alternative

Engage your followers creatively with a powerful set of tools to navigate your interactions on Facebook Pages.

Manage Scheduling – 

Schedule almost every move you perform to save enormous time on Facebook and take advantage of automatic data filters to just increase the audience in fulfilling your requirements.

Stay Productive – 

Manage statistics and reports, as well as friend requests to approve and cancel. It will help you be productive and connect with comments and likes, and like websites automatically.

Auto Wish On Special Accounts – 

Never skip the chance to express your care and love to your mates by automating your wishes for their successes and life events.

Effective Filters – 

Filters help you expand your accounts, groups, and pages with the target audience only, increasing the ability to get higher CTR and more money.

Live Chat – 

One of the special Socinator features inside the Socinator dashboard, which helps to read and communicate with your friends. If you are building an army of multiple accounts, this feature is really useful.

Mass Image Downloader – 

Using smart filters and the ability to find your niche, you can get viral and famous photos from Facebook on your screen.

Socinator For Twitter Marketing –

SocialCaptain Alternative
SocialCaptain Alternative

They can help you with reports and activity statistics when it comes to Socinator for Twitter, as well as automatically accepting link requests on your behalf.

They will help you support and comment on links and like the content of others. You can also schedule upcoming posts automatically and submit link requests to individuals.

Socinator For YouTube Marketing –

SocialCaptain Alternative
SocialCaptain Alternative

When it comes to your YouTube, Socinator is able to do a lot for you. It seems like they have all covered, from activity statistics and reports to automated subscriptions to automatic ones such as videos, comments, account management, filter support, and proxy support.

Similarly, Socinator also serves best for various other platforms like LinkedIn marketing, Quora marketing, Pinterest marketing, Reddit marketing. 

So, at the end of the day, what do we think of Socinator? Is it worth your time? In my opinion, it’s a win-win social media management platform. If you are planning to give it a try, then Signup using this link and start your trial now! 


Don’t forget to share your experiences with me in the comments below about this social media management software. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with all my ears!

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