Name Tags: An Amazing Instagram Feature To Try Right Now

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Name Tags: An Amazing Instagram Feature To Try Right Now

Isn’t it easy to find people on Instagram by just scanning the QR code as we do on Snapchat and Facebook messenger?

Just to put an end to all your searching efforts, Instagram has recently launched a new feature called as Name tag. It is basically an image that can be scanned through mobile phones to search and follow people on Instagram. Especially the ones who are under different names or having a complicated username with special characters.

If you are wondering what exactly this new feature is and how you can use it, then you have landed on the right place because today we are going to discuss more about this topic.

What are the Name tags on Instagram?




Basically, every individual account on Instagram has been assigned some specific code, very much similar to the QR code, to make people conveniently find each other on Instagram without any fuss. They are designed in such way that any user can quickly and effortlessly verify your profile just by scanning that Name tag from their device.

Telling your Instagram username to all the people you meet in your daily life to increase your followers can become a dull process after some time. In Fact, most of the people tend to lose interest if they don’t find any specific user in one or two goes. However, this can also be the other way around. There are also people who get more curious. But, ultimately Instagram name tag can be your biggest savior in both the cases. It will never let you lose your followers just because of a simple spelling mistake while searching for your profile or due to any other reason.

Moreover, Instagram has also added so many customizing features to the name tag so that the users can indulge in some creativity and can also decide the look and aesthetics of their name tag. People who are having a business and promoting their venture on Instagram can surely benefit themselves by utilizing this astounding new feature.


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How to get started with the name tag?

There are two different ways of using name tags. You can create and customize your name tag as well as scan other peoples’ name tag also. Let’s start from scratch.

Find your Nametag




It is quite easy to find your name tag as it is automatically configured for your account. All you need to do is, tap on the profile option which is present in the top-right corner of your screen and then you can able to see the name tag option. However, there is also another way to look for your name tag, and that is on the explore section.  When you tap on the search icon to your Instagram profile, you can easily see the name tag icon in the top right corner.

Similarly, you can also scan the name tag in two different ways. The first one is, simply going to the name tag through the profile option and then tap on the “Scan a Name Tag “ option which is available at the bottom of the screen. The second way is to open the Instagram Name Tag stories camera and touch and hold the screen to scan.

After scanning the name tag you will get to see the profile picture of that user, you can either visit their profile or follow them.  In case, if you want to experiment, just scan your name tag and then you will get to see your profile picture. But obviously, you cannot follow your own Instagram account.


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Customize your name tag




The most exciting thing about the Instagram name tag is, you can also edit it according to your preference. Apart from searching profiles Instagram also allows you to customize your nametag by adding different themes, colors, emojis, and even selfies.  There are a total of 5 themes available on the name tag settings through which you can change the background color of your name tag. If you want to edit more and give it a personal touch, then you can also replace the emoji with your selfie.

Especially, if you have a business profile on Instagram, then you can make the most of this opportunity by choosing the color, background, and images that look more pertinent to your brand.

Share your name tag




The fact that you can export your Instagram Name tag anywhere, in the form of an image, paves endless ways to utilize this feature and increase your followers. For example, you can print your nametag on your business cards, posters, and other promotional materials. Many people also use it on their Instagram shoppable posts also. So, when customers come across their name tag, they only have to open their camera and scan that particular image to follow you.

In fact, you can also print and paste the image of your name tag on your physical stores.Give some incentive to your customers for scanning your name tag, and in return, you will get a significant amount of followers. And when your followers get increased, your business will automatically get improved. Whether you make use of this Instagram feature online or offline, it’s a win-win situation for you in both cases.



Name tags are no doubt one of the best features that Instagram has rolled out to make people quickly follow each other. However, the main motive of this addition is not only to help people increase their followers, but also to provide the best user experience.


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