Increase Instagram Likes
Using Socinator

Today’s generation is all about following the ‘trends’ and nothing is trendier than your Instagram discover section.


Learn how to

You can set keywords and other settings then the software will automatically like other people’s photos so that they will notice you and follow you. You can find photos by geolocation, from your followers, followings, followers/followings of someone’s followings, via keywords or from a different account, and a lot more.

Socinator helps to Manage Multiple Social Channels, Schedule Unlimited Posts, Automate Almost Every Activity—all From One Single Dashboard.

It comes with Hassle Free Automation For All The Top Social Networks Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr.


It is the EXACT place where Instagram comes to play- Catching a viewer’s attention. So if you want to grab maximum eyeballs, Instagram is your answer!

Here is how Socinator helps you to Auto-comment on others’ posts and increase engagement:

Step 1: 

Go to the Accounts Manager screen, select your account, and click on Go To Tools. Select the Comments option and click on Suggested User’s Posts. Here you can target posts using hashtags, niche, friends of friends etc.

Step 2: 

Select your target audience, say using hashtags, and click on quarry to type the niche/ genre on which you want to comment.

Step 3: 

Go to Manage Comments and enter the comment text. Optimize the activity speed, days and date of commenting, post-filters for age, gender, post type, keywords etc.

Step 4: 

Click on Save and switch the account from stopped to active. Repeat all the above steps to create custom comments that will get posted automatically based on your optimization!

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