How To Start A Podcast: A Complete Step By Step Guide

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How To Start A Podcast: A Complete Step By Step Guide

Have you been looking for a guide on how to start a podcast?

Then you are in the right place!

Definitely, you are not the only one thinking like that. Nowadays, the podcasting market is booming, and in the future, we expect marketers to generate better revenue using podcasts in their marketing strategy.

Through research, we found that the number of podcast listeners in America has been grown by 120% over the past few years. As we know, the audiences of the podcast continue to grow, there won’t be any time to start doing podcast marketing to promote your business.

And the good thing is that barriers to entry for starting a podcast have gone down. Meanwhile, it can help you to reach new audiences and cement yourself as an expert in your niche.

So in this guide, we are going to help you out on knowing the basics of how to start a podcast. Here we go!

Things To Know Before Starting A Podcast

You may know that podcasting space is quite saturated. And it would be difficult for a beginner who has a good concept in mind but doesn’t know where to deliver. So to make things easier for you, we are going to discuss, what are the things you need to know before starting a podcast.

What Makes Podcasts Different?

It’s more convenient to listen compared to read or watch. People can listen to a podcast when they are busy doing other work so that you have the opportunity to engage with your audience for a longer interval of time. While it’s true that most of the beginners couldn’t find podcasting space. However, there is still a lot of unexplored space in the podcasting industry. Comparing it to blogs and videos, the competition on the podcast is still very low. So imagine what a great opportunity it is to start your podcast marketing this year.


Develop A Concept Of Your Podcast

Based on the niche and industry, there are different kinds of podcasts that you can create. And of course, with the growing popularity of podcasts in the market, the competition has also increased. So, to succeed, you need to come up with a unique approach, which can capture the attention of more audiences. Before going any further, you need to decide the name, format, and length of your podcast. Considering that, here are some questions that may come in your mind, “What do I need to start my podcast?” and ” What is my podcast about?”

Once you get answers to these questions, the rest of the concept will fall into place.

Set Your Goals

The first thing you need to do is to set your goals, which you want to accomplish using podcast marketing.

If you are a marketer, here are some of the common goals that you may have thought of.

  • Generate leads for business
  • Share information with others
  • To interact and engage with audiences
  • Get recognized as an expert in your niche
  • For enjoyment purpose

Like that, you may have different reasons to start a podcast based on which you can bring new concepts and ideas to reach your goals.


Select A Theme Or Topic

Now you are ready to figure out a theme for your podcast either you can opt for a topic with a broader niche, or you could go with specific targets. While you need to make sure that your audience is passionate about the content which you are going to deliver to them.

Once you have got the basic idea about what topic you want to create a podcast on, do market research. You can also search for similar topics and ideas in the Apple podcast. There might be some handful of episodes in there which can help you to improvise your content.

Name Your Podcast

Select a name for your podcast that sounds catchy and memorable that could help you content to rank for relevant keywords. Even with a great podcast artwork, you need to have good product packaging with keyword stuffing. That way, your creation would get a better ranking for the search results on Google.

Branding Strategy

So now, if you are ready to start a podcast, you need to configure your branding strategy. Make sure that the tone of your content matches the wale of your audience. That way, it would be easier for you to influence your target audience as it would get you better exposure. You can also take reference from the podcast cover arts of other creators that would help you to improve your branding.

Long Term Commitment

If you are thinking about starting a podcast, it’s better to take your time. Initially, after a few episodes, you might want to change the concept of your show. Although it’s easy to start working on a new idea still, it would be a pain to change your artwork again from scratch. While podcasting is a longtime commitment, you should make sure to be prepared with a few episodes earlier. So that you won’t have to face any difficulties while changing the theme or topic of your creation.

Hosting Duties Responsibilities

Want to start a solo podcast? In such a case, you yourself are responsible for managing the hosting responsibilities of your podcast. The good thing about going solo is there isn’t any deadline to complete your goals. However, while working on different projects and creative work, you may need help. Obviously, a two-way conversation could bring a human element in your podcast and it would be easier for you to script it in a more entertaining way for listeners.




But before deciding the cohost, make sure to work with someone who is totally committed to their responsibilities. There are brands who depend upon the guest and co-host to organize their creation, while they need to make sure that guest is available on time or not.

Create A Schedule

It’s not necessary to deliver a podcast every day. You have a choice to deliver your podcasts biweekly, weekly, monthly, or once in a season. While you don’t need to take the pressure that you can’t handle. But always make sure to be consistent with your work. That way, you could bring more engagement from audiences on your podcasts.

Tips For Writing, Editing, and Recording

When you start a podcast, initially, it could be rough for you to deliver a few episodes. But if you are good with the script, editing, and recording stuff, then you can deliver awesome content to your audience.

Here are shown some tips that might help you:

Scripting of Episodes

Coming with the right script for a podcast isn’t quite simple until you give enough time and effort. Of course, there are some talented and charismatic creators who can come up with amazing ideas instantly. But most of the creators don’t have that ability. Hence they need to be careful to organize the format of their episodes, which would be intriguing to the listeners.

Deciding on Episode Length

The episode length may vary, but make sure it should be compact and briefly executed. In the longer content, there is always a chance of an error in execution. Note that there are already many podcasts online, and if you want to catch their attention, you need to make sure that your content isn’t boring for your listeners. Initially, it’s better to create a few short length episodes before broadcasting your podcast to audiences.

Presentation of Episodes

It’s important to configure your episodes in a presentable way that could bring more audiences to your podcasts. A bit of description of the podcast can help the audience to know if the content is relevant to them or not. While you can also use notes and timestamps that are useful for your targeting audiences. So even if they won’t have enough time, they can get a glimpse of your broadcast.

Timestamps and time scripts can help you to put your words in a straightforward way. So that it would be easier for you to directly connect with your audiences through your podcasts.

Get Your Gears Ready

To create a great podcast, even though you don’t have to spend a lot in terms of gears. But still, you should take care of the quality of your creations. At least, you should maintain a fair set of professional gears to create quality podcasts.


You must have a good quality microphone, a pair of stereo headphones, a USB audio interface like PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 or Zoom LiveTrack, etc. While you can also use the software, which makes the editing of your podcasts easier for you.


So, have you been ready to start a podcast? Reading this article you might have got the solid idea of how to start a podcast. While you can also share and promote your podcast on social media channels. It would help you to bring more audiences for your pods. You can also make use of the all in one automation software Socinator, to promote your podcast on multiple social media platforms.

Hope you like this article. Make sure to share it with others as well.

If you have any further doubts, please mention them in the comments.

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