How To Schedule Instagram Posts Automatically Using Instagram And Socinator

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How To Schedule Instagram Posts Automatically Using Instagram And Socinator

Learning the process of planning and scheduling your Instagram posts is one of the smartest move to save your time, increment your profitability, and remain connected with your Instagram followers.

Consistency is what you need to nail your Instagram Strategy. And An Instagram scheduler is the best thing you can have for making it happen.

With one billion month to month active users and 15 million Instagram business profiles, it is difficult to transcend the clamor. Instagram no longer displays the posts in the reverse chronological order, Instead its high end algorithm gives weightage and shows the post that receives highest engagement.

Unfortunately, a considerable amount of online advertisers are at a misfortune with regards to choosing the best tool for planning and scheduling their Instagram posts.

Which features are generally imperative? Also, how would you select a scheduler that is best suited to your particular needs?

Don’t stress much on it. In our today’s article, we explain exactly how you can save time, double your engagement, and abundantly grow your following by scheduling your Instagram posts for free.

Why Schedule Posts To Instagram?

Time is money. Each of us accept this fact. In case you’re inclined towards  improving the utilization of it, it bodes well to enroll the help of a free Instagram scheduler.

Wait a second and just think about it – Would you rather take 30 minutes out your day consistently to scrounge through your photographs, find out one that fits with your idyllic Instagram, and concoct a clever caption? Or on the other hand you prefer to take 1-2 hours on one day to schedule your Instagram posts for the entire week?

Still not convinced? Here are 3 more reasons that proves it’s always better and wise to schedule your Instagram posts –

#1. Saves your time and let you focus on the bigger picture

The ideal time to post to connect with your audience isn’t generally the most convenient time for you.

Scheduling ahead of time will save your saturday morning digging up a half- baked Instagram post.  Rather, you can dwell in yourself for composing your weekly posts, create and schedule new content and direct your concentration towards the more important work – The marketing of your Instagram.

One of the wisest move you can take is to take the help of the eminent Instagram scheduler tools to schedule your Instagram posts automatically. Automation makes your work easier and faster.

But before you begin scheduling your Instagram posts, one thing you need to make sure you know about your followers and target market. When they come online? When are they most active on Instagram? When do they engage with your posts the most?

#2. Develop a Consistent look and feel

Crafting few posts without a moment’s delay makes your account more reliable and consistent. Remember ! Consistency is the key.

Steady shading palettes, hashtags, and captions are imperative: 60 percent of brands utilize a similar filters on their Instagram posts, as stated by a Webdam research report. Why? Since colors influences feeling and emotions, which impacts behaviour.

What do you want your viewers/users to feel when they see your post? What tone your captions are delivering to your audience?  Is it safe to say that you are accomplishing a emotional ping with each post?

An Instagram scheduler takes into consideration a detailed perspective of your inventive and creative planning of your posts.

#3. Encourage Engagement & Gain Followers

A successful Instagram feed resembles a convincing story that neverending..

Without relinquishing every day quality of your posts you need to take care of your viewers taking the short span as well as long term effects in your mind. New research by Union Metrics affirms that the engagement doesn’t plunge with expanded posting. Posting the stuff frequently might be the best way to guarantee followers see your posts, given time zones and the secrets of the Instagram algorithms.

There is no issue in posting more – but you need to keep one thing in your mind –

The Golden Rule – All killer – No Filler.

Brands that carry out the posting of the content seven times or more in a week are more likely to increment both followers and engagement. Pulling in new followers takes thought and work, and planning posts helps to maintain the flow.

After you’ve invested energy finding the best time to post on Instagram, gathering Instagram content, and arranging your feed, the last thing that you need to do is invest a huge amount of time scheduling your posts. Manually arranging things and doing all the necessary settings  for each and every Instagram post isn’t just exhausting, it’s pointless!

What If you just go for the RIGHT INSTAGRAM AUTO SCHEDULER TOOL to post on behalf of you and that too help you to make your life easier and hassle free — you simply need to choose your posting times once, and afterward when you line up your Instagram posts they will naturally be booked for your coveted timeslots.

How Can You Schedule Instagram Posts With Socinator?

Now say Goodbye to Push notifications, Socinator is here to take care of your Instagram scheduling in a profound way.

Socinator Is The “All-in-one” Social Media Management Software Which Easily Manages Your Multiple Instagram Accounts, Schedule Unlimited Posts, Automate Every Activity And That Too All From One Single Intuitive Dashboard.

Auto-Schedule posts grabs the posts as they are published and holding them until the previously set criteria are met for the proper publication time. You can set publication between certain hours, limit publication to certain days, and specify a minimum time period between posts.

Socinator is one fine platform which do provide you with so many varied options for posting on Instagram. You can according to your choice can schedule your Instagram posts.

You just need to log In with your Instagram account. Do not worry at all. Your credentials are totally safe and secured.

  • Post As Part of Your Story Instead Of Own Wall :-

This fantastic option let you publish  your posts as a story instead of your own wall. You know Stories are trending nowadays. Also it lasts for 24 hours and moreover you have now the option of the Highlights. You can keep your fav stories saved for lifetime.

  • Delete The Post After X Hours :-

There are some posts which you need just for sometime. By using this feature you can delete the post(s) from your wall after given time “X” those post(s) are published through software only.

  • Post Using Geo-Location :-

Adding Geo-locations in your posts will make your post presence strong and helps to bring it in the eyes of more and more people. You need to make sure if you are adding multiple geo locations, you have to separate them by comma like ,INDIA, UK, CHINA.  .

  • Tag Users :-

You can also tag users in your posts. Tagging influential account users in your niche will make your posts popular. Also by tagging, the chances of making your posts visible on the explore page becomes higher. All you need to take care of one thing –  if you are adding multiple users separate them by comma like username1,username2,username3.

Recently, Instagram has announced some major changes to its API, giving the Instagram business accounts the power to schedule single image posts to the  Instagram without using the push notifications. This was a big deal. The main safe approach to plan Instagram posts was based on utilizing the Instagram scheduler that sent you a push notification when the time had come to post. Instagram’s API didn’t permit the third party applications to post for you, which implied that any application that auto-post on Instagram was intriguing with Instagram’s terms of service.

With Socinator Auto-Publish feature, you can now schedule Instagram posts directly to Instagram, no push notifications required!

Scheduling your Instagram posts with Socinator helps you to save time while accomplishing your bigger objectives and goals — which is a twofold win for business that utilization Instagram to crack deals or create leads!

From one single  dashboard you can plan and schedule straightforwardly to Instagram, draw in the large number of people, measure your account’s performance, and run all your other social profiles easily.

What are you waiting for?

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