Comprehensive Guide to Instagram Automation

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Comprehensive Guide to Instagram Automation

Nowadays, there are people who use Instagram on a daily basis. Actions like following and unfollowing profiles, liking pictures, videos or comments, sending direct posts, commenting and uploading posts are common activities. While regular people do it naturally, businesses usually use tools to perform such actions. This is Instagram automation.

Why use  Instagram automation

The social media platform has numerous features. Most users do not have enough time to perform the above actions on a daily basis. Automating anything on Instagram has become a very common action lately.  Instagram has even introduced the option of automated posting for those users with an active business profile.

Instagram automationThe essential benefit of Instagram automation is the passive growth. Meaning that you do not have to sit and perform repetitive tasks manually if the automation can perform them for you. To keep it simple, the Instagram account followers and engagement can increase significantly without much time spent on such activities.

You have to be careful with this option though. People will not follow an Instagram account uploading low-quality posts. Automation helps you to be visible among people and make them aware that you are there and you post high-quality content. Or you provide stunning products and services as a business.

How to automate your Instagram account

Start with the necessary actions

A bot will relate with other people’s Instagram accounts so that you will not have to do it manually. If a bot has the relevant content programmed, it will do wonders. Your rate of growth will increase due to the fact that a large number of people will be able to discover your high-quality uploads. This could not have been possible without the Instagram automation

On the opposite, if you do not program the bot carefully, people might think this is spammy. Especially if this is linked to a profile whose uploads are not appealing and they receive notifications from an account they dislike. This will lead to a waste of time, energy and money. Also, your number of followers will not increase.

Do not extend this option to your comments and/or follows

It would have been very easy for us to be able to post automated comments on the photos that are uploaded on Instagram. Since a bot will connect to hundreds of photos on a daily basis, programming one that will post circumstance-relevant comments is not possible.

People who want to use their Instagram accounts as marketing tools no matter what, have developed some generic and ambiguous comments like “Keep up the good work!”. They ignored the fact that the programmed bots are developing unpleasant interactions in order to try and get users’ attention. This type of Instagram automation is responsible for the spammy bots that everyone can see on the social media platform.

Moreover, following someone on Instagram is perceived as something positive only if the person you are following considers it like this. Meaning that there is no chance of programming a bot that will follow people on Instagram and make this action feel as being natural and sincere. This is the result of hundreds of interactions per day.

Automate only the likes

If you want an effective Instagram bot to generate the effective results, you just need to automate the “like” option.

Compared to the comments or follows, likes will only appear on the activity feed.  People usually don’t have an interest on a “like” from a person they don’t know and when they receive this type of “like” they tend to be happy or just indifferent.  People who don’t have thousands of followers will check their activity feed to see who liked their posts. This is a way of discovering new Instagram accounts.

Using Instagram automation for likes through a bot can be compared to paying Instagram to make your account visible on users’ home feeds with the help of a sponsored ad. You will make your Instagram username more easy to discover and increase the number of followers.

The main action that needs to be performed in this circumstance is to program a system bot. It will create numerous discovery opportunities through the liking option. If you program you system boot well enough you will find those people, there are great chances for your account to grow.

The principles of Instagram automation

Instagram is a social media platform that keeps growing and every account is unique. However, the principles of automation will not change. Keep in mind the following rules:

  • the account needs to have awesome content;
  • the target audience must be clear and specific;
  • test and tweak your system bot targets and filters continually;
  • program your bot to think like a human.

Instagram automation helps you save time. You can “be on” 24/7, helps you connect and engage with more people and increase the number of your followers. The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that it is your responsibility to upload high-quality content and not let people think that you are just another “spammer”.

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