9 Tips To Grow Your Blog Traffic Using Tumblr

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9 Tips To Grow Your Blog Traffic Using Tumblr

Who doesn’t want to become famous on Social media? In fact, it is the dream of so many bloggers who work dedicatedly to gain a significant number of followers.

However, with the increasing demand, there are so many social media sites launched frequently and some are also already available on the Internet. But not all of them worth your efforts and time. In the count of so many, there are only a few big platforms that have the potential to fulfill your desires.


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With more than 23 million active users, Tumblr has become the powerhouse of social media that now, cannot get ignored. Although, it is not as much popular as Facebook, Instagram or, Twitter. But you can unquestionably count it among the top blogging sites.

People generally use different strategies to gain followers on various other social networking sites. Similarly, it also applies to Tumblr. We are sharing you some of the powerful tips that can make you a successful blogger on Tumblr with tons of followers.


Decide your niche





The very first thing you need to do for increasing traffic to your Tumblr blog is to narrow down your choices of niche. We understand that there are so many things about which you want to write. But in Tumblr, blogs are written on specific topics usually do better and grab more attention of the users.

But this does not mean that you have to choose the same niche as that of your main website if you have any. You can also pick a different topic that can convey the same meaning that you intend to serve to your users.


Understand your brand






To stand ahead of others, especially in Tumblr, among millions of other bloggers, you need to be very well informed about your brand. Now, you might think of how one cannot know about their brand. But here we are referring to it in the context of values, objective, mission, and strategies.

If you are clear with your brand, then your customers will also get a clear idea about what you want to say, and if your audience gets satisfied, then you can connect with them more. Eventually, everything will fall into the right place as per your goal.


Follow popular accounts





To divert more traffic towards your blog, you need to have great content to post, and for that, you have to find out what other accounts, related to your niche are posting.

Do not just randomly follow any account, instead choose the ones which are popular and post frequently, so that you get to know the current trending topics in your niche and also what kind of content is grabbing attention.

Start this process by searching for different keywords. Check out the accounts and follow the popular ones to stay updated with their content. You can also automate this task rather than doing it manually with the help of the automation tools like Socinator.


Reblog quality contents






Tumblr provides an exciting feature to its users where they can post the blog of other people on their account, and this is known as reblogging. Solely to make you better understand, this feature functions in a similar way as that of Twitter’s retweet feature.

Reblogging serves various purposes. It helps you to share the content with your followers that you find engaging and related to your niche, which gives you a better opportunity to get a wider audience. It also helps you to save your efforts and time as you can easily add notes to the posts instead of writing the entire content all by yourself. Moreover, reblogging is also helpful to build a relationship with other Tumblr users.

It is advised to at least reblog 2 to 3 contents a day. And the more your followers will get increased, the more you need to post. Although searching for the posts, and then reposting them frequently is a very time taking process. But do not worry, with the help of Socinator you can easily automate this task and rest assured that your Tumblr auto reblog action will get performed on the configured time.


Try Socinator Now



Look at the below steps to start automating your reblog activity on Tumblr using Socinator.

1.Search Query

Search query is a particular section in the Socinator tool where you can select appropriate query type according to which the software will search for the users or posts.

Below are the available queries for Tumblr in Socinator.



Keywords: In this section, you need to mention the keywords so that software can fetch all the blogs and users related to them.



Similarly, you can use hashtags query also.



2.Job Configuration

With the help of Socinator, you can also control the pace, duration, and the number of activities it has to perform. Let’s say, if you want to set the speed of the task you have automated then, you need to, go to the “Activity speed” section, click the drop-down button, and choose the speed- slow, medium, fast, and super fast according to your requirement.

However, usually, the selection of activity speed is entirely based on how old your account is and how frequent you have been posting.



Moreover, you can also check the average daily activities (just above the speed selection) which can be automatically calculated by the tool. But you can also set it manually using “Advanced settings” options.


3.Post Filters

To bring more convenience, Socinator also allows you to refine the posts so that your account will only engage with the targeted posts. Check out the filters it offers for Tumblr.


4.Manage users

Not all users on Tumblr are genuine. There are also some people who you don’t feel relevant. Do not worry Socinator also provide options to manage the blacklist and whitelist users.



So, if you want to skip the blacklist users or other unwanted users from your actions, then you can easily do it by simply checking the box.



Once all the settings get configured as per your requirement, then you need to save the settings. Click on the “ Save” option (as shown in the picture) present at the top of the page and then, the tool will start performing the reblog action in the next available time slot.



In case, you want to know the status of the activity getting performed and the detailed report of all the reposted blogs then, you can quickly check it on the logger.


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Use the CTA button




You might have seen many people using CTA’S in their posts. That’s because it is a very effective method to gain followers, likes, traffic to your blog or website. There are a lot of people who got thousands of notes by using CTA’S on their posts.

If your posts are getting loads of attention, but users don’t perform any action after reading it, then it is of no use. Obviously, you are writing blogs to gain something out it. Isn’t it? So, make sure to include call-to-actions in all your posts if you want to bring more viewers for your Tumblr blog, redirect the traffic to your website or somewhere else. This strategy will not disappoint you.

Even, you can use call-to-actions on others content also which you are reposting. It somewhat feels weird, but if you do it correctly, then a simple CTA can make a lot of difference. For example, avoid using or reposting original photos of others to promote your brand or blog, that doesn’t look authentic, instead, you can add a call-to-action on reblogging, such as, check out more, reblogs to like, etc. which will help you to increase the engagement and also get you more traffic.


Add relevant hashtags




In Tumblr, hashtags work as keywords through which your posts can be searched. They are very significant for your content to be viewed. So whenever you post anything, do not forget to add relevant hashtags that are related to your niche as well as the content. Also, try to include those hashtags that are popular and currently trending.

You can know about the popular hashtags by doing research about what people are looking for and by observing what tags others are using in their posts.


Try to not sell




Tumblr is not a friendly site where you can directly pitch for sales. Initially, you should focus on growing your followers as it will be useless if you are trying to sell when you don’t have any audience. Apart from this, people choose Tumblr over other social media platforms to get entertained. And they are also very good at determining the content that they want to read. So, if they find your content promotional or sleazy, then they don’t think twice to skip your content.

Hence, it is better you use Tumblr as a place where you can show your creativity and also experiment with new things. Post original and informative content that can grab the attention of the users. However, if you still aim to sell your products on Tumblr then think that it is at the top of your funnel, from where you can build relationships and create brand awareness, not to pitch for sales.


Post original content





Tumblr is, no doubt, the best platform for content curators, and it is very beneficial if you share original content in your page because that can make you different from others. Moreover, as you know, Tumblr also provides the reblogging facility where users can reblog other’s posts. So, make sure that whenever you post your unique content, include a source URL of your website or blog. It will bring you more followers and also you will get credit whenever somebody reblogs your content.


Be active and consistent





To gain traffic for your blog and to keep your loyal followers, you need to post frequently, because it shows that you are active. Rather than posting 10 content at a time after disappearing for days, it is better to post at least once in a day. There are two benefits of doing this.

First, your followers can check your stuff daily and the second one is, you will get more blog traffic as people usually love to visit active profiles.


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Wrapping words

Tumblr may not be as huge as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but the best thing is, competition in this platform is not huge either. So, by following these tips and by being persistent, you can surely achieve success on Tumblr. Although things cannot happen overnight but slowly and steadily, you will get to see the results.  


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