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Facebook Video Format: Things You Need To Know

Nowadays, as you can see, videos are taking over most of the social space, and also Facebook is not an exception in that. In fact, Facebook videos seem to be getting better reach and connection with audiences. According to research, in recent few years, there has been quite an increase (more than 70%) in the video viewing audience on Facebook. And it’s going to be increasing more and more in future.

Well, we really believe that Facebook video marketing can be really beneficial for brand promotion, as it’s already a platform that people love. Videos can help you to showcase your brand products in a more presentable way so that they would drive more conversions for your business.

Besides that, Facebook also has several options to publish videos in the form of stories, in-feed posts, live videos, and more. Knowing all these things, don’t you think that Facebook videos offer great marketing opportunities? If you also think so, then here we are showing you some more details about Facebook video formats, video size, and specs using which you can create engaging videos for your audience.

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What Is The Best Facebook Video Format?


It was suggested to use MP4 or MOV video formats as the best video format on Facebook. But otherwise, Facebook also supports many other video formats like Mobile video (3gp, 3g2, 3gpp), AVI, Windows media video, etc. Based on the video format guidelines of Facebook, they recommend a few suggestions. For example, the file size should be under 4GB, while you can use H.264 compression and AAC audio compression for better video quality.

Other Things To Keep In Mind-

Here are some of the other Facebook video guidelines, which you should follow while publishing engaging videos on Facebook.

  • Make sure that your videos are not longer than 240 minutes. Usually, it was suggested to make videos no longer than 2 minutes, since the attention span of most people are about a minute only. So if your video is too long, there is a chance that people may start ignoring that.
  • In the case of story posts, the video length shouldn’t be more than 15 seconds.
  • Though sound and captions are both optional, it is recommended to include them in videos. You can add captions into the form of SRT files. Since nowadays, most people watch Facebook videos without any sound.
  • Ideal aspect ratio of landscape video is 16:9, 1:1 for square and 2:3 for portraits and story videos.
  • If you are running a video ad on Facebook, make sure to add not more than 20% text on your thumbnail as it could affect the engagement and reach of your video post.

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Why Do Video Format Matters?

There are so many video formats that you can play based on the preferred device or the quality of content. For a better viewing experience, it was recommended to opt for the right video format before publishing it for real. The format of your videos shows the kind of video file your content gets converted to and how it gets uploaded on the platform.


These video formats are like tiny and detailed pieces of information depending on the size and quality of the content. Many of the video formats are not even supported on Facebook. Still, you have 30 video file formats that can be uploaded to Facebook. Using the right video format will not only help you to enhance the quality but also make it more accessible and engaging for audiences.

Facebook Video Specs & Best Practices-

Now, if you have decided to use Facebook videos for your brand promotion. First, make sure to keep the quality as a standard in your content. Be more specific with your video marketing strategy to target audiences based on their niche of interest. Whether you are using organic video posts or using it as paid advertising, here are the few things which you can use with the Facebook video formats to make it more engaging and entertaining for audiences.

Show Diverse Content In Your Videos-

Having a specific niche in your content can surely help you to direct a few more views on your videos. However, in the long run, you need to showcase some variety in your content. Otherwise, it won’t be effective enough to captivate the interest of your target audiences. When you have diverse content, it gives more options to the people so that they can choose what kind of content they are looking for.


There you also have the option to create your own playlist of different categories of content. That will make it easier for your audience to find the videos they wanted to watch. Based on their interest, you can deliver different types of videos like infeed, stories and live videos to catch the attention of viewers.

Go Live On Facebook-

With the live video feature now, it has become easier for creators to converse and engage directly with their audiences. In fact, we found that people show three times more engagement on live videos compared to pre-recorded ones. So if you want to quickly boost the engagement of audiences on your videos, going live on Facebook can really help you.


Create Customized Thumbnails-

Although Facebook can also automatically pick some random thumbnail from the video clip itself. But sometimes such clips can be confusing for the audience and they won’t be effective enough to gain you more views.

By creating an attractive thumbnail, you can bring more clicks and views to your videos. So, it is essential to make lucrative thumbnails for your videos. Nowadays, there are also tools and graphic software that makes it easier to design professional thumbnails. Using such tools, you can easily customize and overlay with visuals, graphics, and texts to make it more enticing for viewers.


Shorten Length Videos-

The attention span of the video-watching Facebook audience is quite small. After just watching a few seconds of the video, people want to skip to the next content. So it is better to keep your videos concise and creative enough to retain the interest of your viewers until the end. Doing so will help you to increase the viewership of your videos.

On average, most people watch a video for up to 30 seconds to 1 minute of time. So even if you have engaging content, make sure to not cross over the limit time of two and a half minutes. Since it is also the view time on average video posts on Facebook.

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Facebook Video Marketing Tips-

Now you know how to utilize the Facebook video format to promote your business. However, if you are still not getting enough views and engagement on your videos, then here are some tips for you.


  1. Optimize your videos for mobile viewing audiences. Since nowadays, most people use the mobile app to access Facebook.
  2. For video advertising, you can test and compare your own creations with the other video ads on Facebook. It will help you to learn more about the interest of your target audiences so that you can create more engaging content for them.
  3. Nowadays, many creators are using live videos to connect with viewers. It helps them to engage with audiences and virtually interact with them to find solutions to their problems. That is also the reason why live videos have more engagement compared to pre-recorded videos.
  4. The most important thing about video marketing is that it should have the intent to solve the problems of customers. By satisfying the need of customers, you can encourage them to spend more on your services.


With so many features Facebook gives you the best opportunity for video marketing. As you can also see that videos are getting better engagement and reach on Facebook. And if you can use it properly to target your relevant audience, it will benefit you with great results for your business. Choosing the right Facebook video format is the key to bring success to your video marketing campaign. So be careful of the things shown in the above article. Also, don’t forget about one of the most dominant social automation software – Socinator, which lets you automate and schedule most of your social media activities.

So, what’s your take? Want to use videos to connect with your audience on Facebook? If yes, then we are also rooting for you. Please share your own experience with us while you can also mention your queries in the comments.