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Color Psychology: What Does Your Instagram Feed Say?

Flip the pages of an old album and compare it with the Vintage theme available on any editing app/ software, even the ones present for your Instagram feed. Now find some pictures of any celebrities in the late 70s and compare their photographs with the B&W theme. They resemble, I know.

The interpretation?

Every color combination that we see has the potential to trigger our brain to think in a certain way. When we look at a blurred photograph with a warm, sunny tone, it evokes a sense of nostalgia. Similarly, every other color can prompt different emotions, memories, or feelings. Believe it or not, color psychology is actually a thing. So, what impact does your Instagram feed create on the brains of its viewers? Read further to find out.


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What Is Color Psychology? 




It is the study of the various emotions, behaviors, and feelings a person displays in response to different colors/ shades/ hues. Colors have the power of uplifting or degrading a person’s mood depending on how a person perceives the shade. This perception depends a lot on various factors like their age, gender, previous experiences, culture, etc.


What Does It Have To Do With My Instagram Feed?

Look at the gallery of a doodle artist and you will instantly feel more excited and happy, especially with the brighter colors. Similarly, when you look at the feed of ethnic clothing brands, you will probably get more of a festive or wedding vibe.

Just like the examples mentioned above, the colors that you display on your posts has a HUGE impact on your brand aesthetic. Using dull colors on a playdough commercial won’t work, one needs to use more of the primary hues in the neon shades.


Here is a list of some colors and the psychology behind them, as perceived by the people: 




1. Pink

Pink is a feminine color displaying a motherly vibe of love, sophistication, warmth, care, and nurturing. Neon pink, on the other hand, is a display of energy, optimism, and confidence.



  • Brands focusing on products for women use it the most.
  • It is also good for art pages to stand out among the viewers.

Brands Utilizing this Color- Barbie, Cosmopolitan, Victoria’s Secret, etc.


2. Purple

Purple stimulates a feeling of respect, creativity, originality, fantasy, and stimulation to perform something. People usually paint dark and deep purple on the walls because it makes them feel more comfortable and creative.



  • Beauty products use this color to soothe/ calm.
  • It makes a brand look imaginative and wise.

Brands Utilizing this Color- Hallmark, Yahoo!, Cadbury, etc.


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3. Dark / Navy Blue

One can usually see this color on the podiums, emblems, etc. due to its sincere and authoritative vibe. Navy blue represents a sense of control, success, loyalty, peace, and calmness.



  • It builds a sense of authority for a company.
  • It is utilized by brands to represent sophistication.

Brands Utilizing this Color- Reebok, Facebook, Oral-B, IBM, etc.


4. Light / Sky Blue

The lighter shades of blue are relatively more pleasant to look at and give the vibes of ambition, awareness, goals, spirit, control, and rescue, and commitment.



  • It provokes a sense of reliability and brand security.
  • Used by the corporate sector to indicate productivity.

Brands Utilizing this Color- Twitter, Skype, WordPress, Internet Explorer, etc.



5. Dark Green

It is more of an earthy color that represents balance, harmony, stability, mother nature, safety, and reliability. Dark green also provokes encouragement and revitalization.



  • Food and farming brands benefit the most from this color.
  • It is also ideal for real estate, banking, and non-profit organizations.

Brands Utilizing this Color- Starbucks, Tropicana, Animal Planet, Carlsberg, etc.


6. Light Green

This color gives quite similar vibes to that of dark green but also adds a sense of fertility, rejuvenation, growth, and restoration. Its neon counterpart also indicates stimulation, entertainment, and alternate energy.



  • The color is a great fit for the education and environmental department.
  • It is also suitable for entertainment brands.

Brands Utilizing this Color- Tic Tac, Spotify, WhatsApp, Green Light, HERBALIFE, etc.


7. Yellow

This bright color instantly evokes enthusiasm and energy as soon as you look at it. Yellow represents cheerfulness, warmth, happiness, spontaneity, and positivity.



  • It is an excellent shade for catching the attention of window shoppers.
  • The color is also great to go with brands representing youth and energy.

Brands Utilizing this Color- Nikon, National Geographic, McDonald’s, Lays, Frooti, etc.




8. Orange

Just like the color yellow, orange is also a very provocative color, but a bit on the more calm side. The color psychology of orange is to express fun, freedom, impulse, motivation, extroversion, and excitement.



  • The color is suitable for the Instagram feeds of shopping brands.
  • It is also suitable for brands that signify aggression.

Brands Utilizing this Color- Fanta, Nickelodeon, Amazon, MasterCard, etc.


9. Red

No doubt, red is one of the most passionate colors that represents energy, leadership, ambition, power, confidence, activeness, excitement, and willpower. It is also a symbol of love.



  • Is it generally used to signify bold and youthful brands.
  • It creates a sense of urgency- thus used in clearance sales.

Brands Utilizing this Color- Coca Cola, Netflix, Canon, YouTube, TLC, Toyota, etc.


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10. Grey

This color falls on the neutral spectrum of black and white, and thus represents neutrality. It has more of a formal, quiet, mature, and calm vibe to it.



  • One can always see it in combination with other colors.
  • Brands that want to display seriousness use grey.

Brands Utilizing this Color- Apple, BBC, WordPress, Nissan, etc.


11. Black

Do you want to look powerful? Wear the color black! This color indicates power, authority, class, elegance, discipline, and control. Black is not a happy color.



  • It makes the brand look more formal.
  • Companies associated with writing or developing work prefer black.

Brands Utilizing this Color- Nike, MTV, Disney, SONY, GUCCI, etc.


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12. White

The color white is usually preferred when someone wants to refer to peace, harmony, relaxation, creativity, open mind, and neutrality. It is probably one of the dullest yet elegant colors.



  • It adds a sense of professionalism and formality.
  • It creates a light-minded impression for a brand.

Brands Utilizing this Color- Cartoon Network, Calvin Klein, Chanel, etc.


13. Brown

It is one of the most generic and neutral colors that gives off a very minimal vibe. Brown color represents honesty, reliability, nostalgia, warmth, and comfort. As a matter of fact, people who like the color mocha may not like the color brown.



  • Most agricultural companies prefer brown.
  • The color stimulates warmth and is suitable for marketing in vintage themes.

Brands Utilizing this Color- m&m, Oakwood, Espresso, etc.


Will The Color Psychology Attract More Page Visitors?

When you choose the right color for marketing your products on your Instagram feed, you create a pretty solid first impression. In turn, your page visitors prefer to stay for longer. There are also various automation tools available in the market that help you to reach a maximum number of Instagram users, for instance, Socinator, Bigbangram, CrawMonkey, etc.


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Play With The Colors

Using a consistent color theme can work both- in favor as well as against your brand, depending on how you utilize it on your posts. Does your color selection go in accordance with the brand impression that you want to give, or do you need to make necessary changes? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to ask me anything. I would love to hear from you.