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Best Twitter automation tools

One of the most utilized social media platforms, Twitter, started as a project. It all started when a group of full-time employees thought about working on this platform after work. Five years later, their project was quoted as one of the biggest online applications from the last 100 years. This is the brief history of Twitter and one of this article’s subjects. You will get to know more about this social media platform and learn how to grow your business through the best Twitter automation tools.

Twitter’s history-how did it all start?

Jack Dorsey (@Jack) had the idea of creating this tool. He focused mostly on an SMS-based communication application. It all started in 2006. Evan Williams (@Ev) and Biz Stone (@Biz) joined and helped him in implementing the project.

Initially, Twitter was called “twtrr”. Noah Glass (@Noah) the one who named this application and converted it into what we call Twitter today.

The first message was posted on Twitter on21st of March 2006. Co-founder Jack wrote, “just setting up my twtrr.”

best twitter automation toolsThe event that helped Twitter to massively grow was the South by Southwest Interactive conference held in 2007. During the event, there were more than 60000 tweets sent per day. The social media platform is continuously growing since then.

You probably heard about Twitter’s character limit and we will talk about this a little. Truth is that, since it was conceived as an SMS-based platform, Twitter had originally a 140 characters limit. This happened when Twitter could only be used as a mobile application.

In 2017 the company decided to increase the number to 280 characters. This was mostly explained by the fact that Twitter can also be used now as a web platform. Co-founders advised that when people want to say more, they simply use more tweets.

Innovation is essential for such an important marketing tool, so users on Twitter are now using jargon and they created new ways of using the service.

When Twitter was launched, you could not reply to another’s user tweet. There was the possibility of finding another user by putting a “@” when searching. Co-founders added this as the main functionality together with the hashtags. They worked in making the platform user-friendly and grow the number of users. These online actions can be automated nowadays with the help of the best Twitter automation tools-details about this subject will be provided in the next paragraphs.

Should you use Twitter for your business?

The answer is yes. The only condition is to set up your Twitter business profile and you’re ready to go. Fill in the requested information, but keep these short and simple. Provide the specific information about your business and what you are doing and focus on your targeted audience.

Make a clear strategy and do some research through your competitors if needed. Learn what their targeted audience is interested in and use the proper information for your own business. If you think that this is time-consuming, you can use an automation tool. We will talk later about the best Twitter automation tools.

Connect with new people and stay in touch with them. Run polls, ask relevant questions for your business, share information about important events and ask people to give you feedback. Perform all these actions for growing your business and maintaining it on top.

Make sure that you only upload and share high-quality content. If needed, you can talk to influencers and ask them to give you a hand in promoting your Twitter account. Make this without expectations, even if you also help them in growing their own accounts.

Be on top of everything. Always stay updated with what’s happening on the social media. Learn how to change things or improve them when needed. Make sure you also retweet from time to time.

All these actions will bring maximum effects to your business. Think about the innovations you can bring to your account and don’t let your people behind.

If you think this is overwhelming, there is always a solution that will make your social life easier. You can use one of the best Twitter automation tools.  We will focus on them next.

Best Twitter automation tools or how to save your time while your business is growing


Socinator is, without doubt, one of the best Twitter automation tools. It is like an online assistant. It has many features and it will provide you with a details report where you can see in real time how automation is working for your Twitter account.

Socinator is the all in one Twitter marketing platform. You only have to make some basic settings and the application will perform almost all of your online actions afterwards. You will be able to auto-like and comments to posts, auto-post and auto-follow/unfollow/follow back. Most importantly, you will be able to automatically reply to the messages and auto-retweet. These are only some of Socinator’s features.

If you want to see more of what this tool can make, you can purchase it from $9.95 per month.


This tool will save your time spent in managing your Twitter account. With Buffer you will be able to schedule your Twitter posts. Basically, the tool will put your posts into a queue and will share them on your set up time-frame.

You know now how Twitter started and what importance it has for your business. When things become overwhelming, think about using one of the best Twitter automation tools. We recommend Socinator for its user-friendly interface and its numerous features. Keep in mind to keep your account genuine and to remain authentic. People also need to see the person behind the brand. They like enjoyable content and they don’t like to be spammed. This is why we also recommend you to use the automation tools cautiously for maximum results. Always put people first and provide only positive customer experience. Make people feel valued and happy and they will make your business grow rapidly and maintain itself on the top.


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