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Best Social Media Scraping Tools

Do you think that social media is the greatest way to connect with people around the world? If, yes then you’re partially right and partially wrong. How? Well, of course, social media is that but that’s not all. It’s a way more than that.

Over 2.7 billion use social media and that counts 37% of the total population on earth. How can your business ignore such a huge opportunity to connect with their potential buyers?

There are a lot of tricks that marketers use to reach out the potential clients and step up from the competitors. The process requires great strategies, tools, resources, etc. It depends on the marketer and what kind of strategy or tools he/she wants to use. But do you know what’s common in all the strategies? All the strategies include a section to measure the social media ROI. And all of them use a few selected tools for that. And that part is called social media scraping.

What is Social Media Scraping?

Social media scraping is the process of crawling all the social media platforms. The purpose is to scrap all the information and buzz regarding a certain business or brand.

Why do you need to add social media scraping in your marketing strategy?

Social media scraping is a new concept. More and more companies are using it to monitor their brand image and know what people are saying about them.

Marketers understand how important is it to look authentic on social media platforms. Social media scraping helps them monitor and improve their brand reputation.

If you wish to grow your brand and reach your potential customers through social media marketing then social media scraping is a must for your marketing strategy.

How to do that?

In case if you’re thinking of doing it all yourself, please stop right there. You can’t do that on every social media platforms all alone. You either need a pro or a tool.

Hiring a pro can be a bit too costly for you. In this article, I will share some really awesome tools for social media scraping. These tools are specifically designed to help you crawl and scrape all the buzz about your brand on all the social media platforms.

6 Best Social Media Scraping Tools to Try Right Now


Do you just think that Hootsuite is just an automation tool? If yes, then sorry to burst your bubble because you’re all wrong.

Hootsuite is a complete social media marketing tool. It can help you with your social media scraping projects as well. You just need to signup and get started. You can search keywords or your brand’s name and monitor all the information that social media stores about it.

You can also track down your competitors by searching about them and then analyzing the data. This will help you understand their brand value and use it for your marketing strategy.

Social Mention

Social Mention is specifically designed to monitor all the social mentions happening all around the leading social media platforms. It’s a free web tool and can help you a lot in tracking down all the mentions regarding your brand.

Most of the marketers leverage this tool to check out what their audience is saying about them and how to use it fo improve their marketing strategies.


It is one of the best social media scraping tools out there. SumAll is the best way to know you brand stats on the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. There is plenty of data that you can use. You will also receive regular digest about trends through emails.

Plus you can also look out for the real people in your audience and also the fake ones. This helps you to clear the clutter because bots are not going to help you anyway. If you’re just getting started then I suggest that this is the perfect match for your strategy.


This is another great social media scraping tool. HowSociable allows you to easily monitor how you’re doing on each social media platform. The visual interface of the free version supports 12 channels, including YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr.

In the premium version, you get access to 36 social media channels. You get a score that allows you to understand your position on social media. You can also monitor your competitor’s score anytime.


Twitter is no doubt a really very big platform. There is no surprise that it owns a separate tool to help the marketers. TweetDeck is the best tool that can help you to track down everything about your brand on Twitter from a single dashboard.

Moreover, you can also use multiple Twitter accounts from the same dashboard and can also sort the details. You can search for trends, hashtags, keywords, etc. If you’re a beginner and need to get the most out of Twitter then TweetDeck is the best option for you.


When we are talking about the best social media scraping tools then how can I not mention BuzzSumo? After all, this is what it does. BuzzSumo is the first favourite of any marketer when it comes to social media scraping.

BuzzSumo collects all the information regarding a certain brand and lets you know what the social media junkies are talking about it. Just head onto BuzzSumo and search for the keyword or brand name and it will provide you with a variety of results in just a moment.

You can either use the free version that limits your search and results or can get the paid version that shows all the results and doesn’t restrict any functionality.


A social media marketing strategy has a lot of parts like social media automation and social media scraping. In this article, I have mentioned all the best social media scraping tools. In case you need the best automation tool then I suggest you try Socinator. All the best tools together can help you win your marketing goals.


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