13 Best Marketing Tools For Startup Business In 2019-20

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13 Best Marketing Tools For Startup Business In 2019-20

For any startup company, marketing can be a very challenging task. Because in the starting, you might not have the luxury of having a big budget for marketing. Or you might have a scarcity of marketing resources and limited sales for your business.

However, there are many online marketing solutions available in the market. As per the recent study of MarTech, there are already more than 7000 marketing technology solutions.

Here, you will find out the list of 13 best marketing tools for startup business in the year 2019-20.


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Website Tools:

Owning a website gives a significant mark of identity to any brand.  Nowadays, people use to recognize any brand or company through their website page. By owning an online website, you could be able to grow your reach with the audience.


WordPress is one of the most popular website and Content Management System (CMS). Around the world, almost 25% of the top-performing websites make use of the WordPress platform. This platform is easy to use for website creation as it has a lot of options with themes and plugins to customize a website.




Even though it is a free service, you need to invest in registering your website domain and purchase hosting as well. It might cost you around $10 to $12 per month for a basic package.

Google Analytics:

It is a free web analytics service offered by Google, which tracks and report the traffic coming on a website. You can install it on your website to track the activities of visitors on your website. That way, you can find those visitors who are interested in your brand products. You can target such audiences in your marketing strategy to get more sales for your business.


Google Analytics

Tools for Image Creation:

Creating images has become an essential part of marketing. You can indeed create a better impact on the audience through visual content of your website. While you can also utilize high quality and attractive images for social media marketing. That way, you could be able to attract more visitors on your money site.


It is a free drag-and-drop image editing/creation tool. You can make use of this tool to create images for your website blogs, social media headers and posts, posters, presentation and infographics etc. There you have many options with templates, backgrounds, fonts with different sizes. All you need to do is , make use of your creativity to craft engaging content for your websites and social media posts.


Pablo by Buffer:

It is a web-based tool using which you can craft images for post your social media and blog posts. Here you can find many options with the templates and background images. It also allows you to upload new images on its platform. You can also change the fonts, can blur the background to create a unique effect in your image.



It is an online platform using which you can find high quality of feature images for your web pages or blogs. While nobody wants to pay for stock images, this platform lets you find free stock images from the different sources. You can use this site to create high-quality images for commercial purpose without giving any credit or payment to the original creator of that image.


Social Media Tools:

Nowadays, social media has become a massive platform for marketing purposes. Many of the entrepreneurs are getting benefited by social media marketing. However, because of its rising popularity, the competition between marketers is growing more and more. In such a case, you can make use of the best social media marketing tools for your startup business.


As a marketer, if you are looking for a single tool to manage your social media marketing, then Socinator can be the best option. Using Socinator automation, you can easily automate your social media activities like auto-comment, auto-schedule, auto-follow, auto-likes etc.  It will save your time and efforts on social media marketing campaign. While you can be more focused on creating engaging content so that you could be able to attract more audience on your platform.


How to Install Socinator in Your System?

Here you will learn about – How you can install Socinator in your PC so that you could be able to automate your social media marketing activities.

Step (1): First, you need to install Dot Net Framework 4.6. to run Socinator in your PC. Download it from here.


The-Best marketing tools-for-startup- Socinator



Step (2): Now go to the Socinator website and download its latest version. If you have a MAC desktop, you need to install Parallel Space. Using Parallel Space, you could be able to access applications which are runnable on Windows.





Step (3): After clicking on the download button of Socinator, it will redirect you to the other page. Here you will see the download button as shown in the image.



Step (4): Clicking on that you can download its zip file on your PC. Extract the zip file and click on the setup.exe file.



Step (5): It will show you the popup asking for permission to run the setup. Click on the run button.



Step (6): After that, your system will ask you permission for installing the software. You need to click on the install button.




Step (7): Now that installation of Socinator software completed, it will ask you to add license key. You need to put the key in the box, as shown in the image.




Congratulations, you have installed the Socinator software. Now you are ready to use this tool to automate your social media marketing activities.


Try Socinator



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It is also a social media automation tool using which you can auto-publish your content. You can use this software application either on the web or using a mobile app. It lets you schedule your posts on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linderin etc. That way, you could be able to enhance your social media marketing using the Buffer.



It is a social media management tool using which you can manage your social media activities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube. You can add your social media accounts on Hootsuite and automate the process of scheduling content. It also helps you to keep track of the social media activities. Using which, you can optimize your presence on social media to gain more engagement from the audience.


Tools for SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

There are many factors based on which the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) of the web page changes. If you have a top positioning on the search engines for keywords, then you could be able to attract more attention from visitors on your website. Here are shown some tools which can help you to enhance the SEO performance of your website.


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Google Keyword Planner Tool:

You can make use of the keyword planner tools to find the volume of searched elements related to your website on the Google search engine. That way, you can plan on the content which gets high search volume. There are some other alternatives of Google keyword planner like WordStream, Ahrefs, SEMrush etc. Using which you can enhance the SEO of your website.


Google Pagespeed Insights:

The webpages which take less time to open, often get more clicks. While you can make use of the Google Pagespeed Insights tool to check the loading speed of your website on mobile device and desktop. That way, you can find out the elements which are slowing down the loading speed of your website.

Yoast SEO for WordPress:

If you are using the WordPress platform for your website, you can make use of the Yoast SEO plugin to improve the SERP of your website. Using Yoast SEO plugin, you can optimise your website’s content based on the keyword. That way, you could be able to claim the top spot for your website in SERP.


The best marketing tools for startup

Email Marketing Tools:

For the startup business, email marketing can help you to be significant results for your business in a limited budget. While you can make use of the best email marketing services like MailGaze and MailChimp which are also quite affordable.


It is an email automation tool using which you can track and analyse the best marketing emails of your competitors. While you can also be able to trace their comms. That way you could be able to find an audience who might be interested in your products or services.




It is one of the most popular email automation tools among startup marketers. As it also provides a free service under certain conditions. This tool also has a powerful tracking and analytics system using which you can enhance your email marketing campaign to get more leads for your business.

Customer Relationship Management:

With a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, you could be able to trace the sales and customer activities. It will help you to learn about the potential leads for your business, which you can convert into real deals. A good CRM can improve your customer relationship that would ultimately help you to grow more sales opportunities for your business.

Hubspot CRM:

It is a free customer relationship management software for  SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). Especially this tool can be considered best for the startup business. Hubspot CRM is quite easy to use and through its dashboard, you can manage your sales and contacts. That way, you can enhance productivity and improve the customer experience for your business.



This CRM software is relatively easy to use while it also integrates with other email marketing tools like Gmail, Gsuite, Outlook and MailChimp. If you compare it to the dashboard of Hubspot CRM, it has fewer visuals. Still, it offers better CRM services with a full range of functionality to fulfil the requirements of emerging companies.


These are the 15 best marketing tools which you can utilize for your startup business. Most of these tools are quite affordable and easy to use while there are many more options available in the market.

Are you interested in using these tools for marketing your startup business?

We would like to hear your answers in the comment section below.



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