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Auto Like Instagram- Is there a Tool to do it?

Instagram is one of those platforms that got a lot of attention in just a few years after the launch. Both individuals and businesses added Instagram into their marketing strategies and received positive results. And just in a few years, Instagram became a favourite marketing platform for the marketers.

But the question is – Are you making it big on Instagram?

Instagram has over a billion users. This is the main reason why you should be promoting your business on Instagram. No matter whether your a b2b or b2c, you have to add Instagram to your marketing plan. There are already 25 million businesses leveraging Instagram and 2 million monthly advertisers are there as well.

Hoping that you understood the importance of Instagram, it’s time to show you how to achieve the best results. Well, there are just a few features of Instagram and in order to actually get something out of it, you need to master the basics and add a little creativity. Here is a sneak peek at how to master the basics:

  1. Post – This is the most powerful feature that you own. A single picture is worth a thousand words. However, your post needs to be related to your business. Post something that is easy to understand. Tells a story and most importantly, leave a message for your targeted audience.
  2. Like – When you like someone’s post, you tell them that they shared something good. In return, you give them a heart. And as Instagram shows the list of people who liked your post, there are chances that you get a visit to your profile, some likes or even follows.
  3. Comment– This is another smart way to show some love. A single comment can help you make a difference. Just be relevant and keep up the good work.
  4. Direct Message– This is the most personal way of connecting to other users. Even a welcome message can help you create a personal bond.

Now that you’ve understood the basic, it’s time to move on to the next part. In this article, I will share about the importance of liking, how to do it and how to auto like on Instagram.

Why “Like” Posts on Instagram?

As mentioned above, there are just a few functionalities that Instagram offers. In order to get the most out of it, you need to make the most out of it. Like is one of the most used Instagram functionality, after all, there is nothing bad in showing some love. More than 95 million posts are liked every day. Some people do it for the sake of keeping up with their social network and some smart people do it as a part of their marketing strategies.

If you want to succeed in social media marketing, the key is to value your network and to like posts.

How to do it?

If you ever used Instagram, you must have noticed the little heart symbol just after the image or video. You can either tap on the heart icon or just double tap on the post and voila, you liked it. Well, this is the manual way of liking posts. If you are doing it for your marketing strategy then trust me you need the whole day for liking enough posts.

You can’t do it all on your own. You need to run a business, keep up with your social networks, keep on working to improve your marketing strategy and also handle other stuff. So, how can you do it all at once? Hire someone? Well, you can do so but it’s going to cost you hard.

And here comes the best solution, grab a tool that can serve all your needs.

An automation tool is the one that helps you automate all the social media works, like auto liking on Instagram without wasting your time. All you need to do is spare some minutes for automating the desired functions and the rest will be handled by the tool.

Socinator- The Best Auto Like Instagram Tool

If you are ready to get an automation tool for enabling auto liking on Instagram then why not choosing a tool that runs completely on AI and works best. Socinator is specifically designed for serving all the automation needs. Besides Instagram, it also deals with other top social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

When you start to use an automation tool the thing that you should care the most about is your “Authenticity”. Your audience is your priority. Socinator understands it and prioritizes your authenticity.

Here is how to automate the “like” process on Instagram with Socinator:

  1. Download Socinator – Socinator is a software and you can easily download it from the host website. After you download it, crack it with the key.
  2. Tell your Preferences – In order to get the best results, it asks you for some details regarding your niche. The details will help it track and extract the best users.
  3. Automate it – Once you have shared all the details, you need to automate the desired functions. Just enable the automation process and relax.


Instagram is pretty much cautious and it doesn’t like people using bots or automation tools. But if you choose a tool that doesn’t make you look fake, you won’t be facing any troubles. All you need to do is find a perfect tool, automate your needs, maintain the authenticity and keep up the great work.

Don’t ever use a tool that is not a good choice because that can lead to severe damage to your authenticity and finally end getting banned from Instagram. In case you’re looking for a smart tool that can help you save time and maintain authenticity, the Socinator is the one for you. Just try it once and it will never disappoint you.

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