Pinterest Trends

Top 10 Pinterest Trends That Will Impact Growth

You may turn to Instagram, scroll through TikTok, or opt for a YouTube video to keep up with current trends. However, over 400 million people use Pinterest for business to stay up with the emerging trends. Pinterest is much more than just a visual platform connecting with existing customers and meeting new followers. It has… Read More

How To Find The Best Time To Post On LinkedIn?

Looking for the best time to post on Linkedin and immeasurably more? ‘Socinator’ does it for you. We as a whole are searching for a bigger approach to affect Social Media and extraordinarily in LESS time. Fortunately, Socinator empowers us to do this. Social media unquestionably can arrive at a great many individuals from one… Read More

7 Steps to Engage Your Audience on Social Media

Social media has become an inevitable part of the business world. It provides the best way to connect and communicate with the audience. Whether it’s a startup or a well-established organization, everyone uses social media to reach their audience and drive more traffic to their website. But to be a leader in your industry, you… Read More

10 best Instagram hacks to use in 2020

With the age of social media, Instagram has become a new favorite of people of many generations. It is the second most followed social media platform after Facebook. It started as a favorite of teenagers and millennials but soon picked by people of all ages. According to a report, 35% of online adults use Instagram,… Read More

How To Create The Best Pinterest Video Ads For Your Business?

Pinterest is one of the most widely used platforms for uploading and finding images and videos. People use Pinterest for a wide range of purposes that begins from just personal blogging to marketing their products. Digital marketers use this platform because of the wide array of visual content that it provides. Among all the content… Read More

Top 7 Social Media KPIs to grow your Business

If you think being active on social media is a luxury for your business, then you cannot be mistaken more. It has become one of the necessities for the sustainability of your business. According to a survey, around 95% of users aged between 18 and 34 years prefer to follow companies who are active on… Read More

Alternatives to 59 Chinese apps that are banned in India

The news has been viral all over the social media platform about the Chinese apps banned in India. The Indian government took this step on 15 June after the Chinese attack on Indian territory in Ladakh and brutal killing of our Indian Soldiers. The major reason for these apps removal is their prejudicial to integrity… Read More

Top 10 Social Media Post Ideas You Can Apply in 2020

If you are into marketing, then now and then, you must have suffered from a creative block. It becomes even worse when you are going through it without even being aware of it. While it is natural for every creative person to run out of ideas, if you are experiencing the same while managing your… Read More

How To Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts Easily?

If you are into social media marketing, you would have by now realized the immense benefits of Twitter. With over 145 million daily active users, it is one of the most popular social media tools of our times. Using Twitter for business may demand you to manage multiple Twitter accounts for various reasons that we… Read More

How Can Twitter Analytics Tools Help You Grow?

On the social media platform, Twitter is a unique trendsetter with its brief messages, media, and links. It covers every aspect of politics, entertainment, lifestyles, and businesses within its horizon. With time it became more popular since the inception of the Twitter analytical tool launched in the year 2014. These analytical tools helped Twitter in… Read More