10 Facebook Hacks You Must Know in 2022

Over the years, with how widely popular Facebook has become, it has a user-base of over 3.5 billion active users. The social media behemoth has taken the world by storm by connecting them and millions of other like-minded individuals to share ideas, thoughts, and for the serious ones, services and jobs too! Several small businesses… Read More

The Perfect Facebook Banner Size for 2022

The first thing when someone sees your profile is the banner of your Facebook profile. It is crucial to get your Facebook banner size right to attract users to your products for future interaction. Let’s see how to do just that! Read ahead to learn more. Facebook is still the most popular social media platform,… Read More

instagram restrict

Instagram Restrict: Be Comfortable Online

The all-new Instagram Restrict feature is here to make your experience on Instagram much better for your mental health. Read ahead to learn more! It’s no secret that social media has turned into a breeding ground for bullies and trolls. While Twitter is the most poisonous of all, harassers with their nasty remarks are also… Read More

Facebook Stories: Visually Narrate your 24 Hours Online

Last year, Facebook introduced a new feature called Facebook Stories, which gives users a new way to show their friends and family what they are doing. At first, it was only available on the phone, but now it is available on the desktop version. Facebook Stories are very similar to Instagram and Snapchat Stories, allowing… Read More

Social Media Calendar: A Creator’s Best Friend

As traditional marketing is transitioning into digital marketing, creators have to spruce up their content game, and having a social media calendar is a necessity to accomplish that in 2021. In this article, we look into social media calendars and their vitality for content creators. Read ahead to learn more! In today’s marketing world, social… Read More


Everything about Instagram Filters in 2022

Instagram filters have come a long way. From being just a layer of color on top of an image to actual moving AR elements, filters are an effective way of enhancing your favorite pictures for your friends and family to see! Read ahead to learn more! Instagram filters take advantage of Instagram features to express… Read More


Everything about Instagram Resolution: Best Quality, Good Response

Without knowledge about dimensions on a media-sharing app, your competitors might get ahead of you. Let’s learn about the best Instagram resolutions for your media for the best reach of your profile! Why is resolution so important? As said above, Instagram is a media-sharing app. It offers countless different ways for us to interact with… Read More


Sponsored Instagram Posts: Little money goes a long way.

Organic reach and luring followers with great content have always been good, but how effective are sponsored Instagram posts? Let’s find out! Instagram has over a billion users actively scrolling their feeds daily! Its large user base makes the platform the perfect place to look for an audience suitable for you! All you then need… Read More


Twitter Verification – Putting the Credible in Incredible

Accounts on the platform yearn to go through Twitter verification with a blue tick at the end of their names. But what does that mean precisely? Let’s take a look! Tweet, tweet! Tweets are the building blocks of the micro-blogging giant that is Twitter. As with every social media platform, users communicate with other users… Read More