How AI & Social Media Transforming B2B Marketing?

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How AI & Social Media Transforming B2B Marketing?

Now, with technological advancements, it has become way more easier for marketers to reach their potential customers. And artificial intelligence has played a significant role in improving their marketing capabilities. Whether purchasing from online stores or looking for favorite brands on social media, you can find the implementation of AI everywhere.

The implementation of AI and social media together has brought a great buzz in B2B marketing. That’s why B2B marketers are also very much tempted by the power of technology to bring more sales to their business.

Aren’t you curious about knowing how AI and social media is impacting the B2B marketing campaigns and how effective it could be to drive more sales for the business? Let’s check out some stats!

Earlier, in 2020, it was predicted that almost 30% of the B2B would be using AI in their sales process. All the more, it can also help them to reduce most of their expenses on marketing and improve their productivity as well.

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Intersection Point: Social Media Marketing & AI

If you are a social media marketer, AI could really help you to leverage more out of your B2B marketing. With the rise of automation featured tools on social media, it has become easier for marketers to target and communicate with their potential customers. Although with the changes happening, there has been always a fear of losing the human element of marketing. Yet, we can say that now, the technology has surpassed its own limits by empowering social media marketing with the best automation capabilities.


Today, marketers have the ability to recognize their audiences’ behavior and it helps them to target more effectively. Obviously, you can’t simply depend on guesswork for running social ads. It would be too costly. But thanks to the tools that help you target your audience based on the data provided by AI, which makes social media marketing even more effective.

Risks Of AI & Social Media-

Because of the AI intervening in the social space, data security has become a major concern for many social media users. Just think about it while using Google it automatically recommends relevant things based on the browsing behavior of the user- their purchase history, buying patterns, demographic information, professions, and so on. In terms of marketing, we try our best to personalize content based on their consumption and interest. However, too much-personalized content makes it seem creepy to the audience.

There is no doubt that AI can be helpful in improving the quality of human interaction between brands and users. Marketers can use their creativity in the best possible ways to hit on the pain points of potential customers. But sometimes your customer may not feel comfortable with ads intrusion on their social space. That’s the reason why even with so much popularity of automation software, the fear of losing human touch remains for a long time.

Remember that AI is not a replacement of social media marketers. Rather, you can say that it could help them to leverage more out of social media.

How To Implement AI & Social Media To Gain More For B2B Marketing

It seems quite clear that both AI & Social media demonstrate immense value for B2B marketing. And it can really help you to dig out more sales opportunities for your business. Here’s how:

Marketers’ Expectations From AI

One of the greatest benefits of AI is that it helps you to learn about the audiences’ behavior on social media. Being a social media advertiser, you want to target your content to those only who are really interested in it. Otherwise, it would be only a waste of time and money. Nowadays, social tools make it easier for marketers to learn about profitable prospects. Also, you can automate the simple process to save most of your time and efforts.


Prior to AI-based analytic tools, lead generation was a manual task. And it was not very effective as well. But now, with current technology, B2B marketers can easily filter the audience to target only prospects which can be converted.

Personalized B2B Marketing Campaign

Whether you are targeting B2C or B2B marketing, personalizing campaigns according to the interest of the audience is quite necessary. In a study, we found that more than 70% of B2B marketers implement AI in their social media marketing because it helps them deliver personalized content to the audience. It allows marketers to have a direct conversation with their audience where they can customize the interaction based on audiences’ anticipation.

Automate The Conversation

The amazing thing about AI is that it allows you to automate your chats, messages and other conversations on social media. That means by using AI powered social media automation tools, now you can simply automate the conversation with the audience.


In fact, in today’s business world, automated conversation is quite a common thing in B2B marketing campaigns. And the reason behind this because it boosts the brand responsiveness towards customers. When buyers get the information about what they are looking for, they proceed to the next buying stage quickly. So ultimately, it gets you more sales opportunities for your business.

CRM for B2B Marketing

In B2B marketing,  customer relationship management is quite essential. With AI-based CRM tools, you can recognize the behavior of your clients. Accordingly, you can strategize your  B2B marketing campaign so that it could be more effective for your business. Such tools can also help you to analyze the  trend set of the market. And by implementing those data in your social media marketing campaigns you can generate more conversions.

Content Creation & Optimization

To have success on social media, you need to regularly deliver awesome content to your audience. But with manual creation and posting ability, it won’t be easier for you to claim for the desired traffics, leads, and conversions in your business. Here comes the AI-based social media automation tools that help you to streamline the process of content creation. Also there are tools like Socinator which lets  you simply auto schedule your post to deliver with your target audience.


These tools also give you the ability to customize your content. So based on the interest of your audience, you can optimize it accordingly to generate more views, clicks and likes on your posts.

Influencer Marketing-

One of the oldest forms of marketing- word of mouth is still quite effective. Especially when a public figure spreads your brand voice. With social media, nowadays it has become easier for marketers to collaborate with the influences who have a huge fan following. With influencers supporting your B2B marketing campaign, it improves the chances of conversions in your business. While you can make use of automation tools like Socinator to find out the influencers who are ready to collaborate with your brand.  That way, you can grab hold of more sales opportunities for your business.

In Summary-

AI & Social media marketing goes hand in hand considering B2B marketing. With these highly intelligent tools, marketers can simply depend on them to collect data and automate the process accordingly. However, you must know that artificial intelligence can’t replace human capabilities. It can help you to simplify, automate most of your labor so that you can save your time and efforts and also improve productivity in your business.

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