05 Worth It Instagram Trends From Coachella 2019

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05 Worth It Instagram Trends From Coachella 2019

Coachella – The most wonderful Indio music festival. Thousands of people around the world travel to Indio, California to attend this dreamy place where music and creativity merge with experiential, influential marketing and Instagram. Basically, Coachella is a brand’s wonderland. It is a star-studded platform loved by everyone.

This year’s Coachella was legit and as usual successful. Marking its 20th anniversary, everything was very special in Digno Coachella. This year Instagram also brought its first branded house “Desert Chill” to the event. Dubbed as the “Super Bowl Of Advertising” Coachella is a perfect place to take advertising notes.

For What Reason Is Coachella So Significant For Brands?

Each day, more than 1,00,000 people hit the Coachella’s ground. Oh Snap! This is huge. A large part of these people are the millennials with an indisposable income. As per the studies, the average spending of a Coachella goer ranges between $625 to over $2,400.


As we know that this occasion has a lot of big names, celebrities, big brands connected to it, People are glad to share their videos and pictures from Coachella on the web. Around 4.7 millions Instagram posts are tagged with #Coachella. You thereby can imagine how impactful it is. A lot of prestige is attached to it.

Therefore it’s really easy to understand the real reason why brands would wish to be exposed to this platform. Event partnerships and branded hashtags end up being the most vital pieces of the Fest. With individuals sharing pictures from this large celebration, so frequently, all the time, it provides a paramount opportunity to connect with individuals who are going to be live at the same time need to die heartedly encounter the occasion.

As the years continue, marketing at this legendary Coachella is advancing. Influencers, Brands are hitting hard on introducing new ways, unique and exceptional experiences for the gala-goers.

Do you want to know the greatest patterns which have emerged from this year’s Coachella?

Here are the 5 unsurpassed Coachella Instagram trends which will be definitely pumping up your marketing exertions –

Tech Brands Are Venturing Up In A Major Manner

Out of the blue at Coachella, innovation broadens its way. The tech brands came up and amplified their marketing game. The fashion brands got overshadowed this time.



HP made a mind-boggling 360-degree projection experience called the Antarctic. Google Pixel 3 teamed up with Childish Gambino to make a dream like multimedia experience between the stages.


Bose, one of the biggest sponsors of the occasion, submitted some mainstream drift to Coachella’s design roots and assembled a mind-blowing AR audio experience with the Bose Frames. They even worked with Coachella to include a few highlights from Bose AR into the official Coachella app.



People who attended the festival were allowed to enjoy this super exclusive content from the main app while carrying Bose Frames. It was a major hit. People were so delighted and the reactions received were all beyond expectations.

Experiential Advertising Is The Next Big Thing

To expand the reach and to come in contact with a large number of people brands are dedicatedly supporting the experiential advertising on the digital platforms and without a doubt, Coachella is an ideal spot for hosting an experiential gala.

The idea behind this kind of advertising is to give rise to an unforgettable and unique experience that is moving for the clients, creating loyalty and some affinity towards a brand. As per the recent studies, it has been clarified that the millennials treasure experience over things.



Furthermore, there were a lot of extraordinary encounters to look over this year – Revolve with a gigantic gathering, Pantene and NYX with their excellence relax and plotted tents like Absolut Planet and Heineken House.

Photo Collages And Video Collages Are Popular And It Is In Trend

This year Collages made a big way to the Coachella. They are appearing on Stories, feeds and IGTV. This is probably going to infuse into other Instagram marketing expeditions in  2019. Also, to create some elite Instagram templates, Revolve partnered with StoryLuxe and they allowed the individuals to capture numerous moments at once.


With an arrant amount of noteworthy things happening at Coachella, it makes 100% sense to include several pictures in one single post.

An Increasing Number Of Brands Are Teaming Up To Host Gigantic Events

Studies demonstrate that over 75% of individuals who visit the Coachella celebration show a greater liking for a brand that funds the event. However, sponsoring an immense event like Coachella is over the top expensive. This is the real reason we see brands collaborating up to part the expense and furthermore to profit each other’s audiences.


Revolve collaborated with Virgin Voyages to assemble a pleasant spot for individuals to hang out and chill. Levi’s paired up with Australian beauty brand Bondi Sands to sponsor the Neon Carnival at Coachella.

Committed Spots For Instagrammable Shots Are A Major Hit


One of the real things on the brains of everybody who visits Coachella is taking splendid pictures that they can post and get featured on Instagram and different other social media platforms. This is the reason brands are paying heed and providing individuals with fun spots to get famous shots, for example, in front of the Coachella (Le Grande Wheel) Ferris wheel.


Big brands are presently going above and beyond to build their aesthetic extraordinary inside and outside the fest grounds so as to help individuals catch memorable shots. This year was a bang on as the Instagram facilitated a marked house at Coachella – The Instagram Desert Chill House – one remarkable 1970’s style desert themed space where individuals can chill and take photographs with funky backgrounds.

Instagram Desert Chill, Coachella 2019

From super exclusive events to branded collaborations and prolific marketing strategies, The city of Coachella has everything in it. If you are planning to market on Instagram as a brand, then Coachella is definitely a must watch as a tool to keenly understand what are the next major ideas in the marketing area.

Here are the 05 major exceptional Instagram trends from Coachella which you can definitely adapt and use them to grow your Instagram community. If you have liked the article, do leave a comment in the section below.


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